Apple iPhone 7 outperforms Google Pixel in benchmarks

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Benchmarks are an interesting topic among the mobile technology geek crowd and anytime benchmarks are posted the internet heats up. I’m predicting that the announced benchmarks pitting the iPhone 7 against the new Google Pixel are going to cause a squall. Personally I’m not convinced that benchmarks matter all that much to the average user and what they use their phones for. But the reports have been posted and there are people out there interested in such things, so here we are.

According to Geekbench both the Pixel and the Pixel XL are scoring in and around 4100 on the multi-core performance test and in and around 1600 on the single-core test. Compare that to the iPhone 7 which clocked in at around 5600 on the multi-core test and around 3400 on the single-core test. So if you put a lot of faith into these types of tests, now you have something to base your choices from.

The processor in the Pixel XL is said to be running at the lower of the two speeds indicated by Google’s technical specifications. However, the clock speed for the iPhone 7 was misidentified early on as well as a lower frequency than it actually peaks, so the benchmarks are thought to be accurate.

If the benchmarks are in fact measuring the slower of the two processors, a mathematical correction of the benchmarks in accordance with the faster processor still has the iPhone 7 beating the Pixel handily in both single and multiple core measurements.

Ultimately I think these tests are more satisfying to two groups, those who passionately care about geeky performance numbers, and those who feel the need to let others know their device is better. Both phones are good devices which will get the average user through their day to day needs and there are many more average users than there are users who are actually going to use these performance numbers to base their purchasing decision on. The Pixel was just shown to have the best camera in a smartphone to date by DxOMark, more numbers and tests that probably don’t matter to the average user.

What do you think about the recent benchmarks for the Pixel/Pixel XL and the iPhone 7? Do benchmarks influence your purchasing decisions? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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