Pick up a 32GB Nextbit Robin GSM for $175 on Slickdeals

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The Nextbit Robin earned a Top Pick award this year from yours truly and it really still is an amazing phone. If you’re interested you can read the full on Nextbit Robin review we did but we will give you a brief overview here. The Nextbit Robin is a unique experiment in cloud storage and mobile technology. The phone’s UI is very much like phones made by MEIZU and Xiaomi, the user experience is more like an iPhone than an Android. Of course you can change that with a custom launcher should you not like it. Nextbit includes cloud storage with this phone and backs everything up to the cloud. This is supposed to keep your phone free of unused apps and pictures giving you plenty of space.

As smartphones go, the Robin is aging and prices were bound to start dropping. The device started out at $399USD when launched and it was worth the money back then. Now Slickdeals is running a special with their discount codes that bring that price down to $175USD. While the Robin isn’t the latest and greatest Android phone out there, it is still very capable and support seems to be good for it. The unique design and look of the Robin also give it some appeal even though it’s an older device.

With the latest Pixel out on the market and prices starting at $649USD, you might be searching for something a bit cheaper but solid. We think the Nextbit Robin could fit that bill for just about anyone and that $175USD price tag is awfully nicer than $649USD. Hit the link below to check out the deal from Slickdeals, this is one you should at least consider.

What do you think of the Robin? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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