Samsung Chromebook Pro will have a Note7 style stylus


Back in June we reported that users were receiving Google Opinion Reward (GOR) polls asking about a mysterious device called the Chromebook Pro. Initially we thought that Google might be producing the device given that the poll was on GOR. But now we know it’s Samsung who is producing a Chromebook Pro which will include a Note7 style stylus. The new Samsung Chromebook Pro will have a 12.3″ display and Android Authority says it will have a 3:2 aspect ratio 2400×1600 resolution. The chipset on board is an OP1 Hexa-core (Dual A72, Quad A53) 2 GHz and the device will have 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Yes, it does come with an SD card slot for you storage fiends out there.

Chromebooks have become increasingly popular for their lower cost along with their relatively low security and maintenance requirements. While the Note7 debacle is still looming over Samsung’s head, this Chromebook Pro is a solid looking product. It looks like it’s made from aluminium and with a $499 price tag, it certainly will be on the upper end of Chromebooks of this size. You can find cheaper Chromebooks but often they’re a little chintzy feeling and probably not as robust under the hood.

Chromebook Pro
all images courtesy Android Authority

Samsung hasn’t officially announced this device yet but you can pre-order it on Adorama right now, should you be the type who can’t wait for initial reviews. The Chromebook market is probably going to continue to grow and we’ll start seeing more manufacturers making more models. The Chromebook Pro’s stylus is intriguing here as it would be interesting if it actually functions like the Samsung Galaxy Note series S-Pen or is just a simpler down version.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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