SmartOmi Boots review: Incredible sound but one glaring flaw

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Wire-free headphones are all the rage now that Apple has ditched the headphone jack. As more manufactures start making these, you’ll see us reviewing them more often. SmartOmi has created their very own wire-free headphones, and they’ve named them SmartOmi Boots. This is the full review.


SmartOmi didn’t create the smallest of earbuds in the Boots, but they’re not too crazy huge either. While there is a little girth to the Boots I think it’s there to house what gives them great sound. Both Boots have a power/pairing button on the side which are used for the functions I just named. Both Boots have indicator lights on them to show the power level and connectivity. The Boots also come with a very nice little hard-shell carrying case. Overall, the design of the SmartOmi Boots is appealing though I think they might have been able to do a bit better.

Ease of Use

Pairing these isn’t too hard but you’ll have to follow directions carefully. You’ll have to start by turning on one Boot and pairing that to your device. Then you’ll power on the other Boot and pair that to the first Boot and you should be set to go. Once you have them paired you’re ready to use them, just be sure to power on the first Boot next time you turn on your phone and it should auto pair. Then of course you turn on the second Boot and that will pair to the first one automatically. You do have to be sure that both Boots are close to each other during the first pairing, but overall the pairing process isn’t hard. It is a bit different than pairing normal Bluetooth headphones but not much more.

The Boots come with a small cradle charger that charges via pins and is pretty simple to use, although you do have to readjust the ear wings when putting them in.


First let me say that the sound that the SmartOmi Boots produced was insanely amazing! When I first put these in and fired up my iPhone 7 Plus, I was blown away by the clarity and sound I was hearing. They seriously have a high quality sound with a slight favoring of the low end but not too much that it overpowered the mids and highs. Having tested the Rowkin wire-free earbuds already, the SmartOmi Boots sound quality is just a notch above the Rowkin.

That being said, there was one glaring issue with the sound on the Boots video. While I am still blown away by the sound these produced, when tested on my devices I noticed a significant amount of latency in video playback. The latency was so bad that I felt as if I was watching a dubbed movie when viewing Netflix or YouTube. Now, the Rowkins also had latency, but it wasn’t so noticeable that it made watching video unbearable. These made watching video pretty much impossible, and that’s why I scored the sound portion of this review low. I contacted the company and they have assured me that this was not normal and said they would arrange a replacement pair. Once I receive those I will reevaluate and update the review if necessary.

For now, overall, the sound score here is going to be low due to the fact these earbuds were unusable for video.

Reception/Call Quality

Excellent call quality, really great sound and callers heard me perfectly.

Battery Life

Battery life is really good, too, for these being their size and wire-free. Advertised time is 5 hours playback and your mileage will vary taking volume into account. I was able to get around 4.25 hours at about 60% volume. I would say that’s really good.


Currently these are MSRP $139.99USD on Amazon but can be gotten for as low as $72.99USD on sale on Amazon. I can’t say you’re getting a good value at either price point right now until I can clear up the video latency issue. The company is offering a discount code to our readers though 10% off with the code GQZ4RZSX, if you feel you want to try these out.

Wrap Up

If all you need is audio sound from your wire-free earbuds then these are absolutely awesome. But if you’re using these for video, I would hold off until I can verify that the review pair were faulty and the new pair doesn’t have the latency issue.

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*We were sent a sample of the SmartOmi Boots for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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