Apple fully embraces Thunderbolt/USB Type-C dumps MagSafe charging


At today’s Apple event we watched Apple unveil a refreshed lineup of MacBook Pros. A few significant changes have been made to these new laptops and they include: The removal of USB Type-A in favor of better Thunderbolt/USB Type-C and the removal of the MagSafe charging method. First let’s talk about Thunderbolt/USB Type-C instead of USB Type-A. I think this is a great move by Apple, Thunderbolt/USB Type-C is a better port and it will soon be the standard in many consumer electronics. The versatility of this port is not in question and being able to use any of them to charge your new MacBook Pro.


Now the removal of the MagSafe charging method is another story in my view. MagSafe, while proprietary, has saved my butt and my MacBook Pro many a time. Using Thunderbolt/USB Type-C as a charging method now makes your $2400 laptop more vulnerable to someone tripping over the cable and pulling it down to utter destruction on the floor. MagSafe was a great way to help prevent these incidents and I really think Apple should have kept it. I understand the benefits of Thunderbolt/USB Type-C but I feel the added security and safety of MagSafe easily outweigh what Thunderbolt/Type-C brings to the table.

While I’m certainly not going to be the only one who will complain about this, Apple has made the choice and MagSafe can be filed under the rug along with the headphone jack — though curiously the new MacBook Pro still includes a headphone jack… So I guess we’ll just have to carry on and maybe we’ll find some sort of adapter that will add that magnetic charging port back to our MacBooks. What do you think of these new MagSafe-free MacBook Pros? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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