Hi-Rez Studios announces SMITE Tactics

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Hi-Rez Studios, best known for the third-person MOBA SMITE, is now adding to that universe with SMITE Tactics. At the end of the patch notes video for the upcoming 3.20 patch for SMITE, they released a short video that briefly introduces the new game. The game will be a card game, akin to Hearthstone, but the big difference being that you’ll see more than cards on the board, and you’ll see the actual mythological gods you’re using or the minions that you are calling in. In addition to that, it seems to be more tactical. You will need to place your gods or minions on a specific spot on the board and move them around to get them in the optimal position to attack or defend. SMITE Tactics will be a turn-based tactical strategy game with the same familiar characters people are used to from SMITE.

There will be a closed beta towards the end of the year for PC, but in the video they made it seem as if they will be wanting to bring the game to consoles as well.  The website SMITE Datamining was able to get their hands on a version of the game to give us a little more insight as to the mechanics of the game.  There will be 4 pantheons to start with: Norse, Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian. The main character on your board will be your Titan, much like it is in SMITE, and they will have special abilities and the game will be centered around them. The other cards you will have to play will be god cards, minion cards, item cards, and neutral cards. The decks will be pantheon specific from my understanding and the neutral cards will be able to be used in any of the decks. Item cards will be similar to the items in SMITE and will give the gods different stats/buffs to make them stronger or weaken the enemy gods.

The cards themselves will list the mana cost in the top right corner, damage in the bottom left, health in the bottom right, and the distance they can move in the top right. It is similar to Hearthstone to easily see how much damage, how much they will cost to use, and how much health they can have, but everything is changed by having a board to move them around on in order to get in position to attack your opponent. Cards will have 3 different classifications as well — common, rare, and legendary — which you will be able to receive from packs.

There will be multiple different game modes as well, verses, arena, and ranked are the options Hi-Rez will be starting with in the game. There are no hints as to what arena will include and there should also be a PvE mode as well. According to one of the pro-SMITE players, Incon, the game plays very much like a board game and he seems to really enjoy it. He said that he also enjoys playing normal board games so it might be because of that.

I’m really looking forward to the game coming out to try out. I typically don’t play many games on my PC but I will make an exception to try out the closed beta for this if I get invited to it. Hopefully the Xbox One beta will come out soon as well so I can jump on there and play with my friends that I typically play SMITE with. Like all of Hi-Rez Studio’s other games, SMITE Tactics will be free to play likely with many cosmetic in-game purchases. Hopefully we will see the full release sometime soon next year.

Are you looking forward to SMITE Tactics? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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