Devs Base aims to reunite a fractured developer community

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Mobile development is something many do as a profession but there are also those who do it as a hobby. Developer communities like xda-developers and RootzWiki have been around for a long time now and have grown immensely. With that growth has also come much turmoil, management challenges, and a sense of a fractured community. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been an active member of xda-developers or RootzWiki for years now and I can say I am glad I haven’t been. Devs Base is a new developer community and website that is seeking to bring developers back together along with the sense of family the aforementioned websites once had. Spokesperson Alex Cruz had this to say about Devs Base:

Devs Base

Devs Base is a new home for the custom development community built by developers for developers. It is based on the foundational ideas and concepts that started the community: to push the possibilities, creativeness, and abilities of developers beyond the limitations imposed by OEMs of devices. From the inception of the custom development community, developers helped developers, users learned and eventually contributed to the community as new developers – ushering in the “golden age” of the community. Devs Base is looking to revive the “golden age” through simple, yet imperative concepts: a learning environment for developers and users, respect for each other’s contribution, and most importantly, pushing past any limitations or boundaries by bringing each developer’s vision of what Android should be, one contribution at a time.

XDA in short has gotten too big for its own good and many developers, themers, and contributors have become unhappy with the environment it has created and allowed for so many years. Although we’re unhappy, we don’t want to promote the site as anti-XDA. We instead want to promote it as an option for developers, themers, and contributors. A place where developers, themers, and contributors can go and post their work, have users give feedback, and overall just be a place of zen.

Devs Base

Cruz is also clear that Devs Base is an entirely new project and should existing members of XDA and Rootz come and join (all are welcome) they should leave any personal grudges at the door. The idea behind Devs Base is to cater more to developers, themers, and contributors giving them a place to showcase their works and share ideas. As with any forum like this there will be users and Cruz had the following to share concerning users of Devs Base.

Devs Base is being created from the ground up for the community with the interest of developers, themers, and contributors. The rules will favor the developers, themers, and contributors and it will be a place that developers, themers, and contributors feel comfortable being in. This does not mean that developers, themers, and contributors will be allowed to beat down users at every turn but that if there’s a conflict, we will always keep interests of the developers, themers, and contributors in mind.

Devs Base

This is a bold undertaking as xda-developers has become the standard gathering place for much of the development community. Though it does seem that the creators of Devs Base are more interested in creating a tight-knit community rather than simply pulling in as many users as possible. This should be interesting to watch develop and grow, it will also be interesting to see how the team deals with those users who sometimes get out of hand in forums like this. Devs Base is set to go live later today so hit the link below to bookmark it!

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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