Derp! Apple’s new MacBook Pro’s will have a proprietary SSD


Apple has removed the MagSafe connector from its new MacBook Pro lineup as well as all USB Type-A ports — so why not make the SSD proprietary too. That’s exactly what they’ve done to the new lineup of MacBook Pro’s so you had better get the size SSD you need when you order. Mac’s have traditionally been pretty frustrating to upgrade, their logic boards and other components are generally a pain to deal with. One of the last remaining things one could do to modify a Mac was to replace RAM and the HDD or SSD. The drive inside the new Macs are NVMe style drives and the controller for the drive is an Apple-designed controller. Furthermore, the controller and the drive are secured down with some pretty strong tape making removal a difficult task.

The SSD uses a unique mounting solution and a proprietary interface, which will prevent MacBook Pro users from upgrading their systems with larger or faster SSD solutions in the future.

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Apple using proprietary parts in their hardware isn’t really news but this latest move does limit users expandability options yet again. Not every Mac user is running out to try and modify their systems and add more RAM or a larger drive but there are some that do like the option. I’m almost positive that companies like Other World Computing (OWC) will likely have replacement drives available over the next few months which fixes the problem of not having replacement drives. The larger issue for regular users is replacing it, it seems the process is going to be a bit more work than it has been in the past.

It’s been clear for several years now that Apple doesn’t want you messing with the insides of their machines and if you’re someone who needs that option, we’d suggest you go check out comparable, and often lower priced, PC options.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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