Apple Music may see a price reduction in the near future


Streaming services are becoming the norm these days and more people are subscribing every day, but it’s also very competitive. Rumor has it that Apple may be readying a price reduction for Apple Music in the very near future to better compete with Spotify and others. Apple currently charges $9.99USD for a single stream and $14.99USD for a family stream package. The rumored price reduction could see those go down to $7.99USD and $12.99USD respectively. Even better, students could see a price reduction all the way down to $4.99 a month.

The move could come as soon as this Christmas, and possibly start with a holiday promotional discount. Currently, Apple offers a three-month trial window for users, which automatically rolls into the $9.99 monthly tier. That formula would be altered, with those subscribing before Christmas enjoying the slashed rate by March or April. Specifically, the three-month trial window would roll into a $7.99 rate, or a $12.99 family rate. Other short-term actions could include discounts on upgrades from regular to family plans. Of course, for a limited time.

If the rumor is true, it’s a pretty good deal for users to take advantage of but we question whether they will or not. Streaming services seem to be one of those things that people kind of stick with, even with others trying to lure them in. People are used to Spotify or Google Play Music and saving a dollar or even two a month doesn’t always seem to sway them to switch. If Apple is going to reduce prices, it will certainly benefit existing users but it may or may not gain them more users to add to their collection. Then again, there is always Apple’s great marketing arm, they could pull something off that may sway people but we’ll see.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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