Ventev dashmount review: A quality car mount solution

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Using a smartphone holder or mount isn’t something everyone cares to do. Some people are pretty happy just leaving their phone in their pocket or purse and driving on their merry way. For those who do like to see your phones, be it for navigation or Android Auto or some other purpose, Ventev has their dashmount series. Read on for a short review of the Ventev dashmount minipro vent and magdock 360.


There’s not much to the design of these mounts, and even though they’re made from plastic and magnets, they’re both really well made. Both of the mounts include a ball mount which can rotate your device to your desired orientation. The vent clips are strong and hold the mount securely, the magnets (magdock 360) are fairly strong as well and hold the iPhone 7 Plus with a case just fine — although I would test and be careful of heavier cases as the thickness of the case may be too much (when the magnet is on the inside). The minipro has a nice strong clamp on it if you absolutely do not want to use magnets, and still retains that 360-degree feature. The clamp extends nicely and accepts most cases with bulk so you shouldn’t have a problem with fit. Overall, it’s a nice simple and functional design that is pretty much out of the way once your phone is on it.

Ease of Use

The included instructions are simple to follow if you need them, but it’s just as simple as clipping the mount into place and placing magnets on your case or in your case. If you’re not comfortable putting magnets on your phone or case (these magnets stick with 3M adhesive) you can just slip the magnets inside your case and it will still work fine. For best results, the magnet works best on the outside of the case or on the phone itself with no case. The minipro is basically the same, except without the magnets and a clamp that just screws in instead.

Overall these are simple to setup and use and it’s just a matter of how you prefer to place the magnets, that will be the determining factor of how much weight it will hold.



Both the car mounts hold the phone really well, especially when the magnet is on the case or phone itself. Mounting the magnet inside the case will decrease performance and you should be careful of heavier cases if you do this. I recommend the minipro if you don’t want to use magnets. Ventev also suggests an app (Dock ‘N Drive) to use with the dashmount, though this is not their app nor does it integrate into the dashmount at all. It is worth mentioning should you want to take a look at it even if you don’t pick up the Ventev mounts.


The magdock 360 is a solid mounting choice for $24.99USD if you like vent mounts and don’t mind magnets. The minipro vent is my pick as I prefer to clamp it in rather than mess with magnets in or on my phone/case.

Wrap Up

The Ventev dashmounts are easy to use, feature minimal design, and sell for a decent price, making them a definite consideration if you’re in the market for one.

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*We were sent samples of the Ventev dashmounts for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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