No surprise, Amazon and Ebay re-sellers price gouge NES Classic Edition

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Gaming geeks and nerds were all a buzz at Nintendo’s announcement and release of the NES Classic Edition — that is until it instantly sold out. The NES Classic Edition brings back a console that many of us grew up with and many want to experience once again. The problem now is there are none available to purchase unless you buy them from third-party re-sellers. If you head over to you’ll see the NES Classic Edition being sold by third parties from $230USD to $270USD. Considering the console retails for $59.99USD that’s is a huge price gouge that unfortunately some people will pay.

NES Classic

The same pattern is pretty evident on as well with the retail price set at $79.99CAD with third party re-sellers pricing them between $310CAD and $399CAD. Those are ungodly markups that once again, people will be paying.

NES Classic

Of course, the worst offender of price gouging of the NES Classic Edition are the folks over on Ebay where you’ll find a $59.99USD gaming console listed from $200USD all the way up to $88,888.88USD (with 40 people watching).

NES Classic

The legitimate Amazon listing is currently out of stock and we’re not sure when it will come back in stock but we’re very sure it’s not worth the gouged prices being seen on Amazon and Ebay. Hopefully, the console will come back in stock soon at legitimate retailers — Nintendo has promised more stock through the holiday season — so that fans can have their NES Classic Edition fix without losing an arm and a leg in the process.

What do you think of this price gouging? How much over the retail price would you be willing to part with to snag a product you really wanted? Should Amazon and Ebay make a rule about this practice? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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