Wheel Stand Pro review: A solid stand for your racing wheel

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So you’ve picked up a fancy racing wheel like the Logitech G920 or Thrustmaster TMX. You’re getting by with it attached to your coffee table or computer desk but would like a more permanent stand for it. Our Wheel Stand Pro review takes a look at one such stand that allows you to attach your racing wheel and pedals, and then fold it away for easy storage when not in use.


The Wheel Stand Pro has the following features and specifications:

  • Heavy full metal construction supports the most punishing force-feedback settings and keeps the stand and the wheel stable
  • Rubber feet combined with the steel tubes make for a smooth driving experience
  • Except for the rubber feet, the entire assembly is made of high-quality steel
  • Pedals are hard mounted
  • Wheel support tube has quick release at the bottom and a full range of motion to accommodate a long-limbed gamer sitting in a high upright chair to Mr. Easy-Rider in the lowest of low-slung gaming chairs
  • Top wheel supporting plate can be adjusted to any angle so that the wheel can always remain on plane
  • Large tube at the back of the bottom rails can be quickly adjusted in or out to fit the tallest and the shortest of gamers
  • Height of the stand can be adjusted with a quick release to the gamers requirements
  • Shifter can be mounted on either side (where applicable)
  • Dimensions: 16 inches wide, 26 inches long and between 18 inches to 28 inches to the top of the plate (wheel sits on top of plate so height will vary a bit further)
  • Weight: 18lbs

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Wheel Stand Pro
  • 1x Shifter bracket
  • Bolts needed to attach your wheel and pedals
  • Tools you needed to secure your wheel, pedals, and shifter to the stand
  • Tie-wraps to keep your wiring in line
  • Instructions
  • NOTE: The stand does NOT include the racing wheel and pedals
Wheel Stand Pro contents.


The Wheel Stand Pro is constructed from a series of silver metal tubes 1 1/2″ thick, and a black one which is about 2 1/2″ thick. The base consists of two tubes about 25″ long joined together by a pair of 16″ tubes, one 1 1/2″ and one 2 1/2″ thick. The back tube is the thicker one and has the Wheel Stand Pro logo printed on it. Both cross tubes have thick rubber rings around each end that act as feet and provide grip when used on a hard floor surface. The black tube also has two thinner rubber rings which act as a bumper for your racing wheel’s pedal base.

The longer main tubes also have a pair of rubber rings on them. These rings slide up and down the length of the tubes so they can be placed under the racing wheel pedal base. The front cross tube has a black T-shaped tube which extends upwards with a silver metal tube inside it. Attached to the top of the silver metal tube is a black metal plate. This acts as the support for the racing wheel itself. The base of the T-shaped tube has a quick release lever which allows you to raise or lower the wheel stand towards the base of the Wheel Stand Pro, allowing for compact storage of your racing unit. The top of the T-shaped top has another quick release lever which allows you to adjust the height of the racing wheel itself.

Once your wheel is attached, the Wheel Stand Pro folds down for easier storage.

The Wheel Stand Pro is solid, there’s no doubt about that. It’s super sturdy and once you have it assembled with your wheel attached, you’re looking at a roughly 25lb stand (including the weight of the wheel/pedals). The Wheel Stand Pro itself is about 18lbs, and it’s definitely not moving around while in use.

Ease of Use

Installation is fairly simple, although a couple of the steps could use a second pair of hands. The stand comes mostly assembled, the only piece that isn’t attached is the optional shifter plate if you have a shifter for your wheel. The included instructions are fairly limited, but there is a YouTube video which walks you through the setup process. While it’s easier for some to see things visually and follow along a video, I would have preferred a full set of instructions for setup as well.

If you took the time to watch the setup video, you’ll see that it’s not a very difficult process and it took me about half an hour to get the wheel and pedals attached properly to the stand. The wheel itself is attached with two bolts, while the pedals are attached with a bracket and a single bolt which also holds the battery pack in place. A couple of cable ties are included for wire management, and keep things pretty tidy. If you have multiple gamers in the house that use the wheel, I’d recommend setting the wheel for the tallest person and attaching the cable ties, otherwise you may run into some issues when trying to extend the wheel for use at a later date.

After the wheel is installed, using it is as simple as unlocking the quick release at the bottom of the front of the stand and pulling the wheel up to the desired location before locking the quick release. When finished using the wheel, just reverse the process. One thing I found with the G920 racing wheel and pedals is that the Wheel Stand Pro doesn’t compact as much as other wheel and pedal configurations because of the three pedals. With a two pedal system, the stand collapses so the main bar is between the two pedals, with a third pedal this can’t be done. The stand doesn’t rest on the pedal though, and you can tighten the quick release so there is a small gap above the pedal if you don’t want it resting against it.


The Wheel Stand Pro with the Logitech G920 racing wheel and pedals attached.

When extended for use, I was a bit concerned initially as the metal tube for the wheel sits in the middle of the unit and you have to place a leg on either side of it to use the pedals. However, after the first use that was no longer a concern as the position of the tube didn’t interfere with pedal use at all. As I’ve mentioned a couple times before, the Wheel Stand Pro is heavy and solid. Not once did it slide around while in use on my laminate floor, even when the racing got a little intense. The adjustability of the stand makes it easy to set up and use at the desired height for a comfortable racing experience.


The Wheel Stand Pro is available for different models of racing wheels and starts at $141.99USD. Our review unit works with the Logitech G27/G25, G29, and G920 wheels is priced at $185USD. At first thought, that may seem like a pretty hefty price to pay for a stand but it is very solid and works well with the racing wheel in our tests.


The Wheel Stand Pro is a solid collapsable stand option for mounting your racing wheel and pedals for use on your console or even PC.

*We were sent a review sample of the Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe V2 for the Logitech G27/G25/G29/G920 Racing Wheel for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on July 22, 2021.


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