Palo Alto Apple Store turned into a drive-thru by thieves

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With the holiday rush upon us, stores are staying open later to accommodate busy schedules. But what if you can’t make it before the store closes? Nothing like a little window shopping at an Apple Store… at least that’s what some thieves in Palo Alto thought would be a great idea. Apple headquarters, located in Cupertino, isn’t far from Palo Alto where 8-10 thieves decided they would make a drive-thru in the University Avenue Palo Alto Apple Store. The thieves rented a Kia car (have to give them props for using someone else’s car) which they then used to drive into the front of the Apple Store.

Palo Alto
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Apple Stores are well known for their use of glass fronts and the choice of materials isn’t very secure against large and heavy metal objects. This isn’t the first time this has happened and Apple has bollards in place to protect the front of the store from a vehicle running into it. But the creative thieves found a way around the bollards by simply driving up on the sidewalk a few stores down then turning into the glass front. While the impact didn’t completely take out the front of the store, it was enough of an impact to create the space for the thieves to enter and take what they wanted, but not all of them got away.

Only four people have been arrested so far, at least three of them from Oakland, and two of them under the age of 18. The two adults —Shaquin K. Ferguson and Erica Jaynisha White —are 19 and 18, respectively. Ferguson was already on parole for weapons violations, but none of the suspects have been linked to other Apple store thefts in the region.

The group of 8-10 thieves attempted to take a variety of iPhones and MacBooks, and Apple still doesn’t know for sure what, if anything is missing. I think the takeaway to this story is that perhaps Apple should really consider having a 24-hour drive-thru in their stores. It’s obvious people need their Apple fix so why not grab as many sales as possible?

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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