LG will show off its new LG TONE headsets at CES 2017


LG TONE are nothing new to the market and each year LG comes out with either a new model of the previous generation Tones or a whole new model in general. This time around it’s two new models, the LG TONE Free and LG TONE Studio and they actually look and sound pretty neat. The LG TONE Free is a wireless headset with wireless earbuds that will charge when docked on the neck piece and the LG TONE Studio is a wearable speaker that has four speakers in it to give you a personal surround sound experience.

Starting off with the LG TONE Free, as mentioned above the headset comes with wireless earbuds. These can be charged at any time when docked on the neck piece if they ever run low on battery. They can also be stored there when you just need to place them somewhere so you don’t lose them. Another cool feature is that even when the earbuds are in the headset, you’ll still receive notification rings from messages and calls. Last cool piece is if you have the earbuds in and someone is calling you, you can use voice commands to either pick up or ignore a phone call without having to get distracted with wires like other TONES have. If you don’t want to carry around the neck piece you can always purchase the earbud carrying cradle.


The LG TONE Studio might get some attention as four speakers are featured in this headset. Two full range speakers on top and two vibrating speakers on the bottom which will give you a surround sound experience whether you’re watching a movie, streaming music, or playing video games. Hi-Fi DAC is included with each TONE Studio to offer more sound accuracy, and a last but cool feature is that with Dual Play you can connect two TONE Studio headsets to share sound experience while watching movies or listening to music.


I like the TONE wireless headsets from LG, so seeing new ones coming out at CES 2017 will be pretty cool, but what are your thoughts about LG introducing the TONE Free and TONE Studio at CES? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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