Apple iPhone production will be cut in first quarter of 2017

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iPhone production has been a steady going event for many years but as smartphones start to saturate the market, even the iPhone needs a break. According to a short Reuters report, Apple will be decreasing iPhone production by 30% in Q1 2017. While the iPhone still remains a popular phone, this iPhone production cut is another sign people are bored with smartphones, as I wrote back in October 2016.

Now that the majority of consumers own a smartphone that can perform every function mentioned above, there is little cause to upgrade. While Apple and Android phones are trying to entice users with small hardware and software features, I truly think the average consumer isn’t biting like they used to. Smartphones have become boring. There will be a swath of users, like myself, who will probably always get the latest device because we enjoy the latest small features. But for the majority of users, there’s really nothing screaming at them to run out and buy the latest devices.

Apple could very well be cutting back production for other reasons aside from sales or low demand but we won’t know for certain if they don’t tell us. Android’s year after year rise has also cut into the iPhone’s sales as the platform has matured and there is a flood of affordable devices on the market. Smartphones, in general, have nearly become a staple and I wouldn’t be surprised if other phone makers are feeling the hit.

Every year the rumors fly over the next iPhone and what could be better, faster, and more elegant. While rumor articles still garner some attention, they’re not nearly as read as in the past. People have stopped caring what the next iPhone is going to bring, they simply are pretty happy with what they have. This decline in smartphone interest could either break Apple’s iPhone business or they could take advantage of the lull and introduces something really groundbreaking. Time will tell.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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