Sock Fancy review: Comfortable and stylish socks for sock lovers

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Wait a minute, Techaeris is a website devoted to tech and gaming news and reviews so what the heck do socks have to do with that? I’ll admit, it’s a bit of a stretch but Sock Fancy reached out to us to review their monthly sock box and considering the number of people I’ve seen in the tech industry getting into the “my socks are fancier than yours” craze we decided we’d give it a go. Without further ado, our Sock Fancy review takes a look at a monthly sock box subscription either for yourself or that sock loving geek or gamer in your life.


Sock Fancy socks are made from the following materials and come in the following sizes:

  • 70% combed cotton
  • 14% polyester
  • 13% nylon
  • 3% spandex
  • US Size 8-14 (Men’s)
  • US Size 5-10 (Women’s)

What’s in the box

  • Six pairs of Sock Fancy socks (one and two pair sock packs also available)
  • Sock Fancy magnet
  • Sock Fancy sticker
  • Sock Fancy beer cozy
What we got in our Sock Fancy six-pack box.


Sock Fancy socks are designed in-house in Atlanta and are made from high-quality cotton blends on a 200-count needle machine. As mentioned in the specifications above, each pair is manufactured with 70% combed cotton, 14% polyester, 13% nylon, and 3% spandex. The socks also feature a 2-inch no-slip cuff and reinforced toe and heel sections.

Sock Fancy sock construction (courtesy Sock Fancy).

Upon opening our sample box which came with six pairs of Sock Fancy’s finest, I was impressed with the variation in design. To be honest, everyone in the family thought they were pretty cool looking and I ended up splitting the box with my son. Our sample box came with a pair that reminded me of Hudson Bay socks, a black pair with hammers and saws, a red/blue/yellow pair designed to look like a mountain sunrise or sunset, a white pair with black plus signs, a grey pair with black buck head silhouettes, and finally my favourite pair of the bunch — blue, red, and orange triangles.

Six pairs of Sock Fancy socks!

After admiring the socks for a few minutes, it was time to put them to the test. I took off my cheap Walmart athletic socks and slipped my foot into a pair of the Sock Fancy socks. Almost immediately my feet could tell the difference in quality, and the next day after wearing a pair and walking around in them for the entire day, my feet actually felt… different. I know it sounds stupid, after all, they’re just socks, but they’re so dang comfortable and softer on the feet that they are almost enjoyable to wear. The reinforced heel and toe are extra comfortable, and I wasn’t reaching down to pull them up all day either thanks to the no-slip cuff.

Sock Fancy socks are super comfortable, not to mention having some pretty funky designs.

Our Sock Fancy socks have been through numerous wear and wash cycles and they’re still holding up well, and from the quality I expect them to last just fine for some time to come.


Starting at $11USD/month for a single pair of socks, I first thought that no one would pay that much for a pair of socks. I’m not one to frequent fancy sock stores, but I did some checking and $11 is pretty reasonable for unique, higher quality socks. You can stretch the value even further and get two pairs per month for $19USD or you can even buy a box of six pairs for $57USD. Even better? You can get a his-and-hers subscription and get a pair each month for yourself and someone of the opposite sex.


If you, or someone you know, is a sockaholic, Sock Fancy is an excellent way to treat yourself or someone else to a new pair or two of unique and super comfortable socks each month. With Sock Fancy socks, you’ll definitely want to “Rock out with your sock out” as Sock Fancy puts it.

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*We were sent a sample of the Sock Fancy 6-Pack Box for the purposes of this review.

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