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Incipio Pixel XL Case review: Three cases to protect your Pixel XL and make it look good


We’ve been impressed with Incipio’s offerings in the past. Do their Pixel XL cases continue that streak?

Incipio makes a wide variety of cases from iPhones to Samsung devices to the Google Pixel. Today, we will be reviewing three cases from Incipio for the Google Pixel XL and they’re pretty good cases if you’re in the market looking around for something new.


With there being three different cases, they’ll be broken down by a brief summary of the design starting out with the DualPro, then the Octane, and ending with the Carnaby (Esquire series) case.


When looking at the DualPro case you’ll see that it’s a hybrid of an inner shock-absorbing silicone material and a polycarbonate outer shell. The cut outs on the silicone piece for the speakers, USB Type-C port, and 3.5mm headphone jack align just right with no notice of covering any part of the phone. The power and volume rocker buttons were responsive with the case on and spread out enough, but I did have a bit of an issue every now and then by accidentally pressing the volume up/down and power button at the same time when trying to take a screenshot. It’s an easy fix by moving your finger down more on the volume down button when taking a screenshot. Incipio’s logo is on the bottom right-hand side of the case and doesn’t take away from the design. With the case on the phone, it makes it seem as if you’re still holding the phone without any case on.


Left: Polycarbonate outer shell Right: Silicon inner case


The Octane case reminds me of a bumper case but with a back shell that’s hard polycarbonate material. The back molds right into the bumper-like sides which are shock absorbing, flexible, and rigid to give you that extra grip so you don’t drop the phone. The buttons are TPU-like and are easy to press when you need to turn the screen/phone on or change the volume of media from a game, music, or video. At the bottom right, there lies Incipio’s logo etched into the back of the case. It blends in pretty well and isn’t really noticeable when using the case.


Carnaby (Esquire)

Much like the Octane case, the Carnaby has rubber sides and a plastic back and is made out of durable co-molded materials to keep your phone protected. The back of the case even though it’s plastic, it has a soft cotton finish that gives the entire case a nice look and feel to it. Inipio’s logo is in its usual spot at the bottom right and again doesn’t take away from the design. The buttons will need to be broken in at first as they’re a bit sturdy, which is normal with any new case, but after some time, they’ll loosen up and a gentle press will unlock your phone or change the volume.



Putting the cases on the Pixel XL was a snap and extremely easy. Since the DualPro case has two layers, the silicon piece fits on the device just fine and the plastic hard cover fits into place on the silicon making it quick to put on the case especially if you’re in a hurry. As for the other two cases, the Octane and the Esquire, those are also both easy to put on. Snap the phone into the case and be on your way. Nothing else to it.


The DualPro is one of the most common cases Incipio offers and while it rarely changes its actual design, it does, however, get better in protection over time. This case is has been tested for drops up to 12ft, so with the silicon inner piece and the polycarbonate outer shell, there should be enough protection to keep your Pixel from breaking. The Octane case will offer up to 6ft of protection while the Esquire doesn’t specify the drop distance, but it should cover up to 6ft also.

Keep in mind that not all cases, no matter how much they’re tested may not fully protect your phone. They’re there to help reduce the impact of any drop that may occur.


Each case has their own price tag, and the lowest price starts out at $24.99 and goes up to $34.99. If you’re thinking of getting the Octane, you’ll be spending $24.99, the DualPro is $29.99, and the Esquire is set at $34.99 and they’re all pretty inexpensive compared to some other brands that may offer the same type of protection and or material. As usual, they are currently a bit cheaper on Amazon.

Wrap Up

Each case has its own design and price tag, but honestly, it doesn’t matter which one of the three you choose because you’ll be happy. Personally, I’ve liked the Esquire Series case because I had it on my Note7 before it turned into a grenade, so I’ve stuck with that case on my Pixel XL.

DualPro Case

Incipio DualPro Google Pixel XL Case
4.9 Out of 5
Nailed it
The design is slim to make it feel like you're holding your phone and not some bulky case. Protection is a huge plus giving it up to a 12ft drop. Price is just right where it's not too expensive, but not too inexpensive.
Needs Work
The case can get a little slippery at times due to the polycarbonate outer shell.
Bottom Line
The Incipio DualPro will provide that extra protection you're looking for by having an inner silicone case with a polycarbonate outer shell to go on top. The case itself offers military grade drop protection by offering up to a 12ft drop.
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Octane Case

Incipio Octane Google Pixel XL Case
4.8 Out of 5
Nailed it
The design looks like a bumper case, but with extra protection from the plastic back, which makes it worth getting. Price is low enough for just about anyone to get. Installation was easy for anyone to understand.
Needs Work
A 6ft drop isn't too bad, but others may prefer something that'll have a higher drop protection.
Bottom Line
The Incipio Octane case has a co-molded design by combining a hard plastic polycarbonate shell and a shock absorbing bumper to protect the sides of the case to give you the utmost protection.
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Carnaby Case


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*We were sent a review samples of the Incipio Google Pixel XL cases for the purposes of this review.
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