Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is fast approaching

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The latest title in Capcom’s popular franchise is almost upon us, with the worldwide release for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard currently slated for the 24th of January.

The first entry in the series for the PlayStation 1 was revolutionary for its time and provided gamers with a true survival horror title complete with puzzles to solve and an assortment of different creatures to take down. The next two titles followed a similar path as the first whilst introducing new characters to the series and fleshing out the lore. It was the best-selling Resident Evil 4 though that catapulted the series to brand new heights, taking on a more action-oriented approach (whilst keeping parts of the survival-horror elements) and switching the fixed camera angles of the original trilogy for the now popular 3rd-person behind the shoulder viewpoint that is constantly used by many games nowadays.

The now iconic characters of Leon S. Kennedy & Claire Redfield as they appear in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 5 furthered the series’ more action-oriented approach, something that did not sit well with fans as the games were now pure action with barely any survival horror elements intact. The added fact that the character of Chris Redfield had been modeled to look like he had overdosed on a healthy supply of steroids, coupled with the racism issues that faced the title led to polarizing reviews. Resident Evil 6 did little to rejuvenate interest in the series despite bringing back fan favorite Leon S. Kennedy as a playable character and having multiple campaigns to play-through. The sales for the series declined and it seemed as if Capcom had no idea what to do with the struggling series.

Bringing back a (now) beefed up Chris Redfield, and teaming him up with the new character Sheva failed to win over gamers and hard-core fans alike.

With the announcement of Resident Evil 7, a lot of fans were skeptical. I remained cautiously optimistic about the new direction. The title utilizes the first-person viewpoint in order to pull the player into the world even further and add to the suspense and dread that will be faced, along with going back to its survival horror roots by focusing more heavily on finding a way to survive whilst trying to escape a murderous family, rather than just blasting your way through hordes of zombies.

The first-person perspective as seen in a trailer for Resident Evil 7

I am looking forward to this title and I hope that Capcom has not only learned from the past but have also listened to their dedicated fans. Based on the positive feedback from the demo released mid last year it would seem they are heading in the right direction. The title is even said to be fully playable from start to finish utilizing the PlayStation VR system, how this performs and feels for players remains to be seen.

We do not have much longer to find out if this game will be the breath of fresh air the struggling series needs, or if it will be the final nail in the coffin that puts a stop to any more sequels being made for a while.

Are you looking forward to this new entry? Or have you had enough of the Resident Evil series? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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