Moto Mod candidate adds wireless charging and IR to Moto Style Shell

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There’s no question here at Techaeris that the Moto Z is my current favourite smartphone due to its Moto Mods system. Suffice it to say, I was pleased when Lenovo announced the Moto Mods Developer contest in collaboration with Indiegogo which invites developers to present their best Moto Mod concepts for consideration. Mike Pauket, a developer in the U.S., has come up with a simple but effective idea and even has a working proof of concept. Pauket’s Moto Mod candidate places wireless charging and an IR transmitter inside a Moto Mod barely thicker than the Moto Style Shells.

According to Pauket, a recent report indicated that Moto Mods are only used about 10% of the time. Personally, I tend to keep the Incipio offGrid Power Pack on my Moto Z all the time, partially for the extra juice and partially for the extra protection. Aside from that though, I can agree that the other Mods only get used when needed and, as such, wouldn’t be attached to the phone all the time.

Of course, when I’m not using the Incipio Power Pack, I’m using the Moto Style Shell — and that’s where Pauket’s concept comes in. While the Moto Style Shell looks great, it’s pretty much useless. Pauket’s concept comes in at only 3.15mm thick and he has managed to add wireless charging to his working concept with an IR emmiter being added soon. To be honest, I would love having a Moto Mod with wireless charging. Sure you can get the Incipio offGrid Power Pack in a wireless charging version, but Pauket’s Moto Mod is much thinner and sleeker looking and (in my opinion) would only add to the look of the phone.

As you can see in the video below, Pauket already has a working proof of concept, albeit one that requires a connection from his concept mod to the Moto Z smartphone.

Pauket is hoping to reach his flex goal of $5000 in order to present the concept to Motorola, as well as refine and finalize the concept and materials used. If Motorola bites, the next step Pauket will undertake is replacing the USB cable with the actual Moto Mod connectors making his concept a true Moto Mod.

What do you think about this Moto Mod Candidate concept? Is a wireless charging shell something you’d pick up for your Moto Z? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook — and don’t forget to back the campaign if you’re interested!

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