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Most of us could stand to get more fruits and vegetables in our diet, but time, money, and any number of other circumstances make us grab the quick and easy over the nutritious. Growing your own vegetables can be fun — as well as give you healthy things to eat — but that can take up a lot of room and requires time and attention to get the best results. Altifarm wants to let anybody grow their own herbs and vegetables no matter where they are. Their Indiegogo campaign launched today for their self-watering all-in-one garden.

Taking up about the same amount of floor space as an armchair, the Altifarm spreads out roughly 1m² of gardening space over four tiers in an easy to assemble structure. The growing pots have built in handles, the arms of the assembly are easy to rearrange, and with an available mobility pack, it can be moved easily as well. That’s not even the coolest part from a technological standpoint. If you’re prone to forget to water your plants, Altifarm will take care of that for you. Each growing pot has an internal automatic watering system. Simply refill the reservoir about once a week and the planter will provide adequate water to the plants inside.

Altifarm garden self watering system

One more thing to be excited about? Similar products require you to purchase seed pods (that only they, conveniently, are able to sell to you) that only work inside of their growing solution. Altifarm allows you to plant whatever you’d like, provided you’ll have enough space for it to grow. You probably won’t be planting pumpkins or rhubarb or anything big and crazy like that, but herbs, small vegetables, even flowers or other plants can be grown from any seeds that you buy at your local gardening store.

If you live in an apartment, or otherwise plan on keeping your Altifarm inside, the available grow light set was made for you:

We have developed custom grow lights with our OEM partner who has decades of experience in the industry. The wavelength recipe, PAR, LUX, wattage and other parameters have been finalized after extensive trials to provide all the right wavelengths for each stage of plant growth – germination, tissue development, photosynthesis, flowering etc. It is highly power efficient, has secondary lens/optics, superior heat dissipation for a very long life, is IP65 rated for water protection, has daisy chain connections and comes with an automated on-off timer for everyday use. Jargons aside, it’s a mini sun to take care of your precious plants, for total indoor use.

Altifarm garden grow light

Altifarm is currently available to pre-order on Indiegogo, with several available tiers depending on what you’re looking to do. The base model is available for $199USD + shipping, which is a significant discount from the $329USD MSRP. The Altifarm and mobility pack will run  you $229USD + shipping, while the combo of Altifarm, mobility pack, and grow light set will cost you $379USD + shipping. There is also mention of a greenhouse kit, which covers your Altifarm with a plastic enclosure to shield it from the elements, but there do not appear to be any tiers currently available with that expansion. You can see more in the Altifarm promotional video below. Then head to the Indiegogo link below that to back this project.

Would the Altifarm help you get more vegetables in your diet? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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