Plex Alexa skill provides voice access to your Plex library

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One day soon, Amazon’s Alexa Assistant will be available on every object in your home. She’s already got a huge lead over other competing digital assistant platforms, and companies are constantly asked about adding Alexa integration to their products and services. Plex has listened to their customers and have added a Plex Alexa skill to control many aspects of your Plex account with your voice.

Adding the Alexa skill to your Plex account allows you to call up the various media stored on your Plex server using your voice, sure. But in addition to calling up the specific media you’re looking for, Plex will happily offer suggestions via Alexa if you’re not sure what you want to watch or listen to.

Plex includes several examples at the source link at the bottom of the page to kind of show what the Plex Alexa skill can do. They’re silly and definitely get the point across, though I think it’s probably better to just watch their video showing off their new Alexa integration.

One caveat for the Plex skill is that it cannot currently play your Plex music via the Echo speaker itself. This is something they hope to fix in the future, but for now you’ll need to have an external speaker hooked up to your supported Alexa device in order to have Alexa play some tunes from your Plex server. Otherwise, as you can see from the video, the Plex skill is pretty robust, providing multiple ways to get at your stored media. The ability to ask for suggestions is a really great feature, and one that will hopefully make life easier for indecisive watchers/listeners.

The Plex skill is available for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, or the various Alexa-enabled Fire devices today. Simply set up the skill, link to your Plex account, and enjoy everything that the happy marriage of Plex and Alexa — APlexa? — can do for you.

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