YouTube adds mobile live streaming, Super Chat

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YouTube has obviously been in the video game (not to be confused with video games) for years, and is as synonymous with online video as Google is for internet search. YouTube has had live streaming available for some time via the web interface, but now some users will be able to stream directly from their mobile app. YouTube is also rolling out more ways for content creators to monetize their streaming video with Super Chat.

Before everybody runs to their phone to live stream their next meal or random thoughts though, you’ll probably need to wait a bit. The feature is currently rolling out to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers. Now, before you get too bummed, they’ll open up mobile live streaming to everyone eventually, but right now 10K is the number you’ll need to hit before the option goes live for you. If you’re one of the lucky few with huge subscriber numbers, you should be able to go live right now. YouTube has listened to creators to make the live streaming platform work better too, though they won’t be able to let you use a ton of quick cuts when streaming live, sorry! The ability for Facebook users to stream live to their followers probably has lit a bit of a fire under YouTube to do this right. YouTube let Alex Wassabi talk a bit about what mobile live streaming means to him.

YouTube has also unveiled Super Chat, a way for live streamers to monetize their videos. One of the main changes YouTube made with live streaming to benefit creators was to slow down the live chat a bit so creators could actually read some of the comments occasionally. With Super Chat, users will be able to ensure that creators see their comment quite prominently in the chat feed. Super Chat will have a fee, of course, but it will allow passionate users to get in front of the creators that they love quickly and easily. I’ll just sit and wait for all of the people who decide to Super Chat “First” or “Hi” or any of the other random useless comments that seem to pop up all over any comment section. Super Chat messages are highlighted in bright colors and pinned to the top of comment sections for up to five hours. So your “First” can really be first… for a fee.

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What do you think about mobile live streaming and Super Chat? Give us your best Super Chats (for free!) in the comment section below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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