Are you ready for the $1,000+ 10th-anniversary Apple iPhone?

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The 10th-anniversary Apple iPhone is coming as are the requisite rumors and leaks. The latest rumor is that the 10th-anniversary Apple iPhone will cost you well over $1,000USD. This rumor is coming from Fast Company who says they have “a source with knowledge of Apple’s plans.” Currently, the most expensive iPhone you can buy is the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus for $969USD so the idea isn’t outrageous. Fast Company is attributing the price increase to Apple’s switch to OLED display technology which is in short supply and is driving up prices. Fast Company also points to the current increased cost of memory which they say Apple plans on increasing in the new phones.

High-end smartphones aren’t cheap, period. Even Google has joined the high-end market with a maxed out Pixel XL costing nearly $900USD. The good news is, this particular iPhone is rumored to be an addition to the 5.5″ and 4.7″ which are rumored to be keeping their IPS displays and will likely be much cheaper. The 10th-anniversary Apple iPhone is said to be packing in a 5.8″ display with a near bezel-less experience. The design cues of this (likely limited edition) phone are said to be taking after the iPhone 4 with a stainless steel frame and front and back glass panels. The iconic Apple home button will probably go away in favor of a fingerprint scanner embedded in the glass.

Even with (not new) OLED display technology and a slight increase in memory the price tag of the new 10th-anniversary is a hard pill to swallow. People will most likely be getting these anyway, monthly payments to carriers makes it less of an out-of-pocket burden and spreads the pain over several months. I fully expect every carrier (and Apple) to be sold out within minutes when these eventually do go on sale. Whether it’s a legitimate sell-out or planned supply and demand marketing will most likely be debated and discussed when the time comes.

What do you think of paying over $1,000USD for an iPhone? Are you on board? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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