Live action Lion King movie gets two major roles filled and announced

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Disney’s The Lion King was a major hit when it first released in 1994, and to this day, remains one of the most loved Disney movies of all time. The combination of the storyline, cast, and visuals made for an amazing experience. The franchise has gone on to see Broadway plays, sequels and TV shows made from it and now we’re finally seeing a live action movie come to fruition. The new live action Lion King movie is set to feature Jon Favreau as the director. Favreau is known for movies such as Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Elf. Favreau is also an actor and lover of comic books, animation, and movies in general, making him a great choice to direct The Lion King movie.

Favreau took to Twitter to announce casting for two of the major roles in the film, Simba, and Mufasa. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed by his choices of Donald Glover and James Earl Jones.

The last update we got on this reboot was that director Jon Favreau plans on using virtual reality technology for this film. He revealed that they used some VR technology to create virtual environments, and then go on location scouting expeditions within these virtual locations, and that he could move assets around these virtual locations in real time with VR technology. The filmmaker also added in that interview that he plans on using the same “photoreal” technology that he used to bring the animals to life in his hit adaptation of The Jungle Book with the animals in this new Lion King project.

Of course, we’re thrilled to see James Earl Jones back as Mufasa and Glover as Simba is a great choice as well. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the cast take shape and to see what direction the movie takes.

What do you think of a live action Lion King movie? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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