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Our digital world is ever expanding which means the number of online payment profiles users are creating is expanding as well. You may have three or four credit cards linked to a dozen or more different online payment profiles like Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo, Hulu, Netflix, and more. Oftentimes you just can’t keep up with all of your payment profiles to change your credit card details should you lose or have a credit card replaced. Switch is aiming to give you one place where your payment profiles are gathered and a way to manage them so you never have that problem again.

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SWITCH Offers First Service for Managing Online Accounts

As the first of its kind, Switch gives users the ability to manage all their online payment profiles in one place.

Seattle, WA February 22, 2017 — Switch, a Financial Technology (Fintech) startup based in Seattle, WA, is launching early access to its free service that gives users the ability to manage all their online payment profiles in one place. With Switch, users always have their payment information one click away while they browse. Switch offers a faster, safer, and easier way to pay online.

According to, the average American has 3.7 credit cards in their wallet. Each of those cards are stored at, or linked to multiple online stores and service providers. In 2016, there were an estimated 980 data breaches in the US, with over 35 million records exposed. Most often, these exposures trigger a card replacement event. As we have all experienced, replacing a credit or debit card at all the places it is stored online is time-consuming and very frustrating. Just remembering all the shopping or recurring payment sites linked to each credit card is practically impossible. Switch will automate both checkout and card updating processes providing additional simplicity to the convenience of online shopping, subscriptions, and payments.

The facts:

Consumers are faced with the daunting task of keeping their information for all of these accounts up-to-date.

“Today, credit and debit cards are the dominant payment solutions for consumers. Switch is the first ever consumer payment solution that automates both the challenge of secure account access and the ‘card on file’ problems users face every day,” says Chris Hopen, CEO of Switch. Hopen has spent most of his career focused on internet security. He founded Tappin, a company that provides secure remote access to stored files from multiple devices. Hopen was also a co-founder of Aventail, one of the first SSL VPN companies.

You can sign up to use Switch at:


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