The Dreampad therapeutic pillow wants to help you rest easier


Sleep is one of the essential ingredients to maintaining good health and living a long life, but life happens and we don’t always get the best sleep we possibly can. The Dreampad therapeutic pillow wants to help you rest easier. This therapeutic pillow offers a unique technology that sends sound through your body that only the user can hear and could potentially help calm you and lull you into a restful night’s slumber.

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Shut Off Your Brain and Rest Easy With Dreampad

Reduce stress and induce sleep with this technology based, therapeutic pillow that gives users a “spa for their brain”

Americans aren’t sleeping. Close to 70 million people in the U.S. struggle with some type of sleeping problem, making the lack of rest we are getting more than a serious concern. According to a study by the CDC,” insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic – a warning on par with those released about tobacco decades ago…. Sleep-deprived is the new normal, like smoking was in the 1950s,” says Russell Sanna, PhD, former executive director of the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

The research is shocking and the effects of insufficient sleep are affecting all aspects of our lives – from relationships to job performance to our immune systems.

The Dreampad is a technology-based solution for reducing stress and improving sleep. The product is a comfortable pillow which uses patented technology to ease you into a peaceful sleep through relaxing sounds and gentle vibrations that only you can hear. No more time wasted counting sheep or tossing and turning throughout the night- Dreampad is a spa for your brain!

Originally created as a therapy tool to calm highly stressed children, the Dreampad calms the nervous system, bringing your body and mind into a state of rest quickly and assisting you with staying asleep throughout the night.It is a game changer for those who may have a hard time shutting down a night, folks with careers that force odd hours of rest, or those with sleep-related issues. Don’t take our word for it – check several studies conducted by researchers on the effective results of Dreampad:

  • SLEEP: A study by Columbia University measured the effect of the Dreampad on 30 adults with stress-related sleep issues and reported a significant decrease in the number of times they woke up in the night.
  • RELAXATION: Researchers at Sleep Image, Inc observed the effect of Dreampad on heart rate variability (HRV), and data showed a major increase in 85% of participants within 5 minutes of listening to music through the therapeutic pillow.
  • ADHD: Through a pilot study at Dr. Edward Hallowell’s New York Clinic, results showed improvement in sleep as well as daytime performance.
  • AUTISM: Conducted by Dr. Sarah Schoen of the SPD Foundation on children with autism, experts revealed that improvements were noticed in sleep initiation, duration of sleep, and all 15 children showed a decrease in sleep problems through using Dreampad.
  • PTSD: Measuring changes in the sleep habits of 10 war veterans diagnosed with PTSD using the Dreampad over the course of 3 months, they discovered that ten of the veterans reported continued, improved sleep as well as a reduction, and sometimes complete disappearance, of nightmares.

Available in Memory Support, Firm Support, Medium Support, and Slim Support, there is a Dreampad for every sleep style. Travelers love the Slim Support pillow for keeping in their suitcase to stay rested on personal or business trips.

Set up is easy! Simply download the free iOS or Android app, select your preferred Dreampad ambient playlist and adjust the timer to go off after a certain time or play all night. Worried about having your phone next to you throughout the night? Dreampad recommends that you switch your phone to Airplane Mode, or hook up this handy accessory to a Bluetooth device to communicate with your phone from across the room.

Explore the many functional features of this helpful sleep aid:

  • Eight different soundscape options, or you can program your own music
  • Dreampad FREE music app includes timer, alarm, and range of settings for listening
  • Dreampad’s Intrasound Technology™ helps body and mind relax
  • Supported by peer-reviewed research
  • Safely demonstrated by 4+ years in hundreds of clinics, including pediatric hospitals of Duke, Stanford, and Harvard
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Prices ranging from $149-$179
  • Available in Bluetooth, iOS/Android, or MP3 Player

Send yourself straight to sleep with a lullaby only you can hear. Whether you suffer from a sleep-related anxiety or want to take your snooze game to the next level, the Dreampad is programmed to provide you with a good night’s rest.

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