HYPERICE VENOM review: A soothing solution to back pain

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Back pain is a very real problem that affects 8 out of 10 people in varying degrees. I’m one of those back pain suffers and when back pain hits me it can be debilitating. There are a variety of ways to deal with back pain from chiropractors, physical therapy, pain medication and tech gadgets like the HYPERICE VENOM. It’s important to note, you should always consult a physician before using products like the HYPERICE VENOM to get their professional opinion. Read on for our full HYPERICE VENOM review.


  • Digital Touch Screen Control
  • Nanotechnology Heat
  • Vibration Pods x4
  • Adjustable Contour-Fitted Waistband (One Size Fits All)
  • For XXL or larger please contact customersupport@hyperice.com for extension strap
  • Detachable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Premium Plush

What’s In The Box

  • Battery pack
  • Power adapter
  • Documentation
  • Essential oils/lotion sample size packets
Photos of me in the HYPERICE VENOM would not have been pretty 😉


Theis design is pretty straightforward and simple as the VENOM is basically modeled after a weight lifting or back brace belt. Most of the belt is made up of a very nice plush material and velcro. Around the back are the four vibration pods that are about an inch and a half square each. These are all branded with the Venom logo and name. Around the side is the battery pack holder and next to that is the control box. The front of the belt also has more VENOM branding. I did find the battery pack and the control panel a bit bulky and wish it could have been slightly smaller in design. The one size fits all will depend on your body size and shape, I am 240lbs and the belt just fit, I suspect you will need the extension strap if you’re a larger frame.

Overall it’s a simple design and not much to it but it works just fine for what you need it for.

Ease of Use

This is a pretty straight forward product as all you need to do is strap it on and set your controls. The controls have 3 basic functions, temperature, vibration, and timer mode. You can set the temperature to low, medium, or high which will give you the appropriate infra-red heat to each vibration pod. The vibration settings give you wave, pulse, and constant and that controls the vibrations each pod will produce. The timer mode allows you to set a timer which is great if you don’t want to remember to take it off. Overall the operation of the belt is super simple and doesn’t take long to learn.


The performance of the VENOM was really amazing and it relieved my back pain when I felt it starting to flare up. The three modes of vibration were nice but I do wish they had other options for vibration and maybe even a knead function. One thing I did notice was if I didn’t address the back pain with the belt quickly and waited too long where the pain became more intense, the belt was less effective. I really got the best results from the belt using it upon first feeling the pain and addressing it straight away, this isn’t to say the belt didn’t help with more severe pain, it just didn’t remove it as well.

Utilizing nanotechnology that generates heat quickly, the VENOM back device allows users to select their desired temperature via a touchscreen control panel. Users can also use the touchscreen to select one of three different vibration settings delivered via four vibration “pods” positioned strategically on the lower to mid back. VENOM’s heat and vibration are powered by a rechargeable four-cell lithium ion battery pack that detaches from the unit for easy recharging.

Overall I think the performance of the VENOM will vary person to person and I felt it worked best for me when I used it immediately and didn’t wait.

Battery Life

Battery life is going to vary from person to person as it depends on how often you use the VENOM. I’ve still not killed the belt and have used it a few dozen times for 10-15 minutes at a time. Charging is easily done with the supplied power supply and I think the battery will last for well enough for casual users.

Simple design and simple controls make it easy to use.


With an MSRP of $249.00USD, the HYPERICE VENOM isn’t a cheap device and that price tag will mean different things to different people. I think there’s a lot of value in this product for the right person whose back responds well to infra-red heat and vibration. I would consult a physician first to find out if this type of therapy is good for you.

Wrap Up

This could be a useful tool for some with back pain or even people involved in sports who need some heat and vibration on sore muscles. It’s certainly not a magic cure but it could help mitigate your back pain and assist in living a better less painful life. As mentioned before, always consult your physician before using these types of products.

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*We were sent a sample of the HYPERICE VENOM for the purposes of this review.

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