The Shifu Orboot augmented reality globe wants kids to explore the world

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Learning is supposed to be fun and in this brave new world of augmented reality, we have the tools to make it fun. The Shifu Orboot is an augmented reality globe that wants to take kids on a trip around the world. Using the iOS or Android app along with the Orboot globe, kids will discover everything from animals to monuments. Shifu says the globe will give kids a 4D experience as well as enrich them with a plethora of useful information. Read the full press release below then hit the link after if you want to learn more.


New Startup Uses Augmented Reality to Create Immersive 3D Globe for Children

The smart globe teaches children about cultures, cuisines, monuments and more from all over the world

BUFFALO, Wyo. (March 2, 2017) — Pl ay Shifu Technologies, Inc., a Wyoming-based startup, is no stranger to augmented and virtual reality. The team at Play Shifu has developed a number of educational VR and AR games for children. Now, the startup is turning to the Kickstarter community to rally support for their newest product, Orboot. This smart globe uses augmented reality to teach children about different cultures, cuisines, monuments, inventions and animals from all over the world.

“Globes have always been a great tool for teaching children and adults about countries from all over the world. The great thing about Orboot is that we’re able to enhance that experience for children,” said Vivek Goyal, Co-Founder at Play Shifu Technologies. Play Shifu Technologies’ other Co-Founder, Dinesh Advani, added, “By engaging children, we’re hoping to foster curiosity and help build a foundation for geography, as well as social and cultural norms across the world.”

Orboot is a 10” globe that can easily fit on a child’s bedside table, desk or shelf. To use Orboot, children can scan the globe with an iOS or Android tablet to learn about countries all over the world. With hundreds of immersive 3D content pieces across eight categories, children can pick and choose which country they wish to learn more about. Within the Orboot app, children can learn about animals native to that country, monuments, cuisines, inventions, nature’s wonders, culture, language and arts, political maps and weather.

Orboot launches on Kickstarter today with a $15K funding goal. The team is offering a limited number of early bird deals starting at only $29 with free shipping to most countries worldwide. Backers can expect their rewards to ship this August. Those who are interested in backing the project are encouraged to visit the Orboot campaign at

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