Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear shoes have an Intel chip inside of them

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If you don’t like the idea of a fitness tracker on your wrist but still want a device to track your workouts, the Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Sportswear Shoes may be your ticket. This is the second generation of smartshoe Xiaomi has produced and this pair come powered by an Intel chip. Last year the company produced a smartshoe with Chinese brand Li-Ning but didn’t get nearly as much press. For this generation, Xiaomi has teamed up with Chinese company Shanghai Runmi Technology Co. Ltd. to produce their design and the shoes retail for $44USD.

The Intel chip inside the shoes (the Curie chip) is supposed to be able to store the user’s data as well as intelligently separate it. This means the Intel chip will know when the user is walking, running, or climbing and send back appropriate data that can be compared at a later time in the included app. Xiaomi thinks that the smartshoes are more accurate than a fitness band or smartwatch as these will track your activity literally step-by-step.

For comfort, the shoes will feature air cushions, anti-skid textures on the base, an arched-sole design as well as antibacterial insoles. The shoes will be available in four different colour options, namely, black, blue and pink. There is also a special blue edition of the shoes available which will glow in the dark for those who prefer night runs.

Like most Xiaomi products, it’s uncertain if these will be sold here in the United States but you can pre-order them now from an overseas vendor. Of course, there’s probably some risk trying to order these from an overseas vendor and you’re probably going to pay some hefty shipping fees. Still, if one is interested enough in these, it could be worth the risk to make a go for them.

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