iClever BoostStrip Smart Power Strip review: Compact strip perfect for your desk or backpack

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Our piles of devices haven’t gotten any smaller over the years, in fact, they’ve likely gotten quite a bit larger. There are options available that will charge your devices, but most stick to one variety of charging — USB or AC. When a device comes around that handles both, it deserves your attention. The iClever BoostStrip Smart Power Strip charges your devices via both USB and AC power. This review will tell you why you’ll want one of your own.


The iClever BoostStrip Smart Power Strip includes the following features and specifications:

  • Rated Power: 240V/Max. 10A /1000W
  • AC Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
  • USB Output: 4*USB, 5V/Max 2.4A per port
  • Product Dimensions: 4.3″ x 1.71″ x 2″ (109.2mm x 43.4mm x 50.8mm )
  • Weight: 11.0 oz (280g)
  • Ultra Compact for Travel: Smaller than most 2 AC alternatives on market, this power strip is ultra mini-sized and light; Really portable for travel while providing enough power (10A/125V/1000W) to satisfy your needs.
  • 2 Surge Protected AC Outlets: Optimally transfer power and keep plugged-in devices safe when voltage fluctuates, swells or spikes
  • 5V/4.8A USB Output: 4 USB ports all equipped with SmartID technology and multiple circuit protections can identify special devices and provide charging efficiency up to 2.4A/port(total 4.8A)
  • Safe and Reliable: Over-current, short-circuit, and over-temperature protected USB charging port armors your smart device; Unibody shell and 94V0 fire-proof materials can bear high temperature up to 750° Celcius.

What’s in the Box

  • iClever IC-BS01 Power Strip
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
iClever BoostStrip Smart Power Strip Review WITB
What’s in the box? This stuff!


The iClever BoostStrip is a rounded rectangle, approximately 4” x 1 ¾” x 2”. The iClever logo and name mark are on the front of the device, with four SmartID USB charging ports lined horizontally at the bottom. Each USB port has a green LED above it to show when the power is turned on. The lights do not change color or get brighter if something is charging, they simply serve as an indicator that the power is on.

The top of the device includes two grounded AC outlets as well as the power button. The outlets are what I would probably consider “backwards” though, with the ground at the top instead of the bottom. This really doesn’t cause any issues with charging, it just looks a bit different than you might expect. To the right of the AC outlets is the power button. The power button has a satisfying click when pressed, ensuring you know whether or not you’ve successfully powered the device on or off.

iClever BoostStrip Smart Power Strip Review Full Shot
Four USB outlets, two AC outlets, and one satisfyingly clicky power button.

The cord comes out of the right side of the device, and at five feet should give you plenty of range to get from your outlet to where you’d like your BoostStrip to live. This is a compact device but offers enough room for most larger plugs. It has a nice clean, minimalist look. It looks nice sitting on your desk, but it’s also small enough to take with you as a travel charger for most anything you’d have with you.

Ease of Use

There’s nothing difficult here. You’ve got things that need to be plugged in, the BoostStrip has receptacles where six of those things can be plugged in at any one time. The two AC outlets on top are sufficiently easy to use, and the four USB ports on the front are equally painless. It’s rather light, so you may need to use two hands to plug in USB cables if the strip isn’t pressed up against something, but that’s really about as complicated as it gets here.


The four USB ports all charge at up to 2.4A, which is great for most devices. iClever’s SmartID technology delivers the fastest possible charge for your device, up to its maximum, of course. While this means that I can’t get my favorite “Charging Rapidly” notification on my Nexus 6P, it does charge at a respectable rate. If I really need that rapid charging, I can plug an AC adapter into one of the outlets on top of the BoostStrip and be on my way.

iClever BoostStrip Smart Power Strip Review Action Shot
The green LEDs indicate that the power is on, even if a USB cable is not plugged in.

The two AC outlets are still a really fantastic inclusion, since most USB hubs do not include AC outlets, and most AC power strips don’t include USB charging in such a nice and compact form factor. Both outlets are grounded and surge protected, giving you a little extra peace of mind that your devices will be safe.


The regular price for the iClever BoostStrip Smart Power Strip is $32.99. While that’s a pretty good price for what you’re getting, the device is currently on sale at Amazon for $22.99, which is a really fantastic price for what you’re getting. The compact, clean design works in multiple situations, while the combination of USB and AC charging really makes this a versatile and valuable hub to own.

iClever BoostStrip Smart Power Strip Review Bottom Shot
The rubber feet keep the hub from sliding around too much, though it’s still very light, so it may shift a bit when plugging/unplugging things.

Wrap Up

Whether it sits on your desk or accompanies you on your travels, the iClever BoostStrip Smart Power Strip deserves a spot in your life. It looks nice without taking up a ton of space and it performs quite admirably in its duties. If you’ve got a lot of stuff to charge — either on your desk or in your travels — you’re going to want to look at this hub. Its versatility and performance easily earn this power strip a Techaeris Top Pick for 2017.

*We were sent a review sample of the iClever BoostStrip Smart Power Strip for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on March 25, 2017.


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