Twitter launched Twitter Lite to save you data


Twitter is out there looking to help people save their data by coming out with a Lite version of the main Twitter page, aptly named Twitter Lite. While Lite versions of applications are nothing new, Twitter is now joining the likes of YouTube Go, Facebook Lite, Skype Lite and Messenger Lite.

The reason for this is to lure users in developing countries who have older phones with less storage than what we may see here in the States or EU, slower data speeds, and iffy internet coverage. Twitter is saying that their Lite version takes up less than 1MB of storage and will still function just like the Twitter app that’s already out. The page will be 30% faster when launching and will load nicely when there is a slow internet connection. From the Twitter blog:

Today, we are rolling out Twitter Lite, a new mobile web experience which minimizes data usage, loads quickly on slower connections, is resilient on unreliable mobile networks, and takes up less than 1MB on your device. We also optimized it for speed, with up to 30% faster launch times as well as quicker navigation throughout Twitter. Twitter Lite provides the key features of Twitter—your timeline, Tweets, Direct Messages, trends, profiles, media uploads, notifications, and more. With Twitter Lite, we are making Twitter more accessible to millions of people—all you need is a smartphone or tablet with a browser.

I think it’s a great idea that Twitter is doing this for countries that don’t have what we see as a norm every day, but even if you don’t live in a developing country, you can still use Twitter Lite. If you want to try out Twitter Lite, go ahead and visit What are your thoughts about the Twitter Lite experience? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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