Fossil asks celebrities about watches in new Fossil Firsts campaign

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Marketing is a huge part of selling your product and Fossil’s “Fossil Firsts” campaign is a pretty fun and witty marketing campaign. The company is asking celebrities about their Fossil Firsts and turning those encounters into a nicely produced video. The campaign is kicking off with Kristen Bell. The best part of this video is when the Fossil rep asks Bell what character she played on Veronica Mars. Okay, it was most likely set up but still funny. Check out the video below and read the full press that follows.


Fossil engages stellar Celebrity Cast to introduce new Smartwatch campaign, ‘Fossil Firsts’

New York, New York – April 24, 2017 – Fossil, the original innovator of the fashion watch, is proud to unveil its latest campaign highlighting a new collection of Hybrid and Touchscreen Smartwatches. The campaign titled ‘Fossil Firsts’ features actress Kristen Bell, actor and musician Leslie Odom Jr., Black-ish star Yara Shahidi, and singer Austin Mahone each who tell intimate stories of personal and professional milestones shared with their first Fossil.

The campaign taps into the nostalgia and memories associated with one’s first Fossil watch, while celebrating a new generation of Fossil Firsts with the introduction of new Hybrid and Touchscreen Smartwatches. As the watch industry has changed, Fossil continues to do what it has always done best: focus on innovative style and technology to reinvent the watch for a new generation of fans.

“We know that this is a pivotal moment in the watch industry, and Fossil is leading the revolution to reinvent the traditional watch through the innovative design and technology found in our Hybrid Smartwatches,” said Jill Elliott, Chief Creative Officer. “Your first watch was likely a Fossil watch, but as customer behaviors and preferences have evolved, so have we. Our ability to merge fashion and design with emerging technologies makes us the perfect choice to be our customer’s first smartwatch.”

Young stars Yara Shahidi and Austin Mahone represent the generation of first Fossil wearers making new memories with these time-honored pieces. Kristen Bell and Leslie Odom Jr. embody the watch wearer that has grown up with Fossil and has seen the brand, much like themselves, evolve over the years. Whether their “firsts” are early acting roles before becoming established TV and film stars, or burgeoning performances leading to sold out arenas and theaters—all four cast members share an authentic relationship with the brand and continue to let their past inspire their future.

The campaign, running throughout the remainder of 2017, will feature all of the latest updates in the Fossil smartwatch collection for both men and women: Q Accomplice, Q Activist, Q Venture and Q Explorist. The hybrid smartwatches will launch in summer and new touchscreen devices powered by Android Wear™ throughout fall and holiday.

Fossil has set out to reinvent the watch (and the watch industry). Made for the passionately curious, one-of-a-kind, inspired individuals who still remember their first kiss or their first big break—this campaign celebrates all of those “firsts”. Fossil will be there for every failure, success, and celebration on the path to finding life’s next memorable moment.


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