Trekstor, a Microsoft partner, will be making a smartwatch running Windows 10

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You know what would be cool? Windows 10 running on a smartwatch. Just think of the possibilities to come from a wearable running Windows 10… Control your Windows 10 PC if you’re far from it, send an expense spreadsheet from the watch without having to pick up your Windows 10 device. All of that is possible thanks to Trekstor, an OEM partner to Microsoft that’ll be incorporating Windows 10 IoT Core into one of their upcoming business wearables.

Not much is known yet about the wearable, but so far the watch itself is 1.54 inches, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, will have enough storage for business people, and will have enough battery life and processing power to get perform everyday business functions. The watch will also be sporting Gorilla Glass 3, so it’ll be able to take some dings against desks or countertops. “More information will be available in coming months” states a blog from Microsoft.

Because the watch will be using Windows 10 IoT Core it’s going to be leaning more towards lines of businesses such as inventory management in retail, building automation for guest services in hospitality, industrial automation in manufacturing, patient care in healthcare, and several cross-industry scenarios like asset management, fleet management, and others. Plus, it is cloud connected, so it’ll be able to run Universal Windows Applications. It’s also going to be as secure and manageable as any other Windows device and leverages Microsoft Azure Cloud services like Microsoft Cognitive Services.

So, what do you think about Windows 10 coming to wearables to possible compete against Android Wear and WatchOS? Do you believe that some businesses will jump on this ship to make their workflow a little bit easier? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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