How to find the best antivirus software programs for your needs

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Whether you’re doing procurement for a Fortune 500 company or just looking around for the best option for your personal computer, deciding on which antivirus software to purchase isn’t a decision to take lightly. With threats to cybersecurity weighing heavier than ever before and more software companies popping out each year, evaluating what would work best for you might get overwhelming.

Thankfully, you can find specific guides about finding the best antivirus software all over the web. But first, let’s break down the most basic steps to take when evaluating antivirus software and look into how they can help you figure out what’s right for you!

Consider your current operating system

The most basic thing to consider before buying any type of software is to find out if it’s compatible with your operating system. There are many options for PC and Mac users. If you or your company is looking to upgrade your OS or even switch entirely, take this into consideration even before drafting your first shortlist.

Check for price and coverage

Getting the most protection for the least amount of money is always an important factor to consider for anyone. This is especially true for enterprises when they buy in bulk. While pricing for antivirus software often works on a per license basis, there are many providers that offer rates in bulk. Some even offer packages for an unlimited amount of users.

Observe how you use your computer

Different software providers can cater to different needs, and it’s no different for antivirus software. Do you use your machine heavily? Is it mostly for work or to play games? Your machine usage could give you an idea of what your security priorities should be. For example, if you’re the type to surf risky websites without fear, you might need something more heavy-duty. In contrast, this might not be the case if you’re working on an older machine in the office.


Check if it’s user-friendly

Check the interface of the antivirus software if you can. Look up how it’s used online. Can you seamlessly run the software or does it make maintaining your computer seem way too complicated? No one should ever feel overwhelmed about making sure their device is secure, so an easy-to-use program should definitely be a priority.

Check for technical support

As we can’t always have IT guys to call, availability of technical support can be incredibly important to individual users. This can also be an indicator of a company’s overall service quality and may be a value-for-money consideration you didn’t initially consider.

Check if they offer a free trial

Finally, the best way to really know if the software is right for you is to test it out yourself. This allows you to discover if there were other considerations unique to your needs that you didn’t take into account. You can easily read every review on the internet, but nothing quite replaces being able to ensure the software will run on your device without a hitch.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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