Apple could be bringing the iPhone 8 into 2012 with wireless charging

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Wireless charging has been around since around 2012 with the Droid DNA and countless other Android phones followed. There has been one hold out to the world of wireless charging and that has been Apple. Apple has refused to adopt the technology, for whatever reason, but it continues to be on the wishlist for many iPhone users. Now there is a new leak from noted Twitter leakster @OnLeaks that shows an iPhone 8 with wireless charging.

As you can see, it seems there is a charging coil on the inner side of the backplate of this iPhone drawing. Now, this should be taken with lots of skepticism as @OnLeaks says he cannot confirm the validity of the leak or its source. There have been rumors in the past that Apple would adopt this charging standard but those rumors (sadly) never came to be. My headline is meant to rib Apple a bit for waiting this long to adopt this technology. I’d welcome the ability to wirelessly charge my next iPhone, even though I believe Apple should have done this years ago.

I do think that there is a stronger possibility that we could see this tech on the next iPhone. Why? Because Apple really needs something new (to them) to compete with Samsung and even the upcoming Google Pixel 2. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a strong foe and it’s gaining a lot of positive reviews and attention. Apple is going to need to offer something up that will compel current users to stay and maybe get Android users to switch.

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