Some users are complaining about popping noises from MacBook Pro laptops


The new MacBook Pro lineup has had its fair share of user complaints from bad GPUs too poor battery life. This new breed of MacBook Pro laptops is now catching heat from some users claiming there are popping noises coming from within them. It seems that both the 15″ and 13″ MacBook Pro laptops are showing signs of this problem, but the 15″ has been reported more often. Business Insider reached out to Apple for comment but was met with a week of silence followed by we’ve got “nothing to add.” Users have taken to Apple forums to discuss the problem and try and diagnose what is happening.

Almost two weeks ago I purchased the baseline 13″ ntb MBP (late 2016). Almost 15 minutes out of the box the computer started making popping/cracking sounds. These sounds happen independent of each other and occur maybe every 20-30 minutes at random. The next day I did a live chat with Apple. They suggested resetting the laptop which 15 minutes later I realized hadn’t fixed the issue. The next day I called AppleCare and was told to do the same. The sounds persisted. Frustrated, I exchanged the computer for a new one expecting that the problem was unique to the computer. On the second computer, the problem still occurred, still at random.

I exchanged it again, now onto my third laptop, and the problem still persisted. I took the third computer into the genius bar. The genius couldn’t replicate the problem in store and suggested buying the laptop from Apple since the first three laptops were bought from Best Buy on sale. He was suspicious the reduced price might indicate defective stock. So after finally returning the third laptop, I bought one at the Apple store (same specs) and found the sounds to still be happening, albeit more intermittently.

Users claim they are getting different explanations from Apple support on the matter. One user took his laptop to the Genius Bar where they blamed the noise on a dent on the bottom of the machine. The Genius Bar then told the user that he would have to pay $130USD to have the laptop fixed. Other users are experiencing the popping sound even though their machines have no dents. One user did manage to get his laptop replaced by the Genius Bar free of charge.

This is a very interesting situation and we’ll try and keep track of this story if more users start coming forward. Hopefully, Apple isn’t going to sweep this one under the rug and keep moving on, but it could very well happen.

Have you had any problems with your MacBook Pro laptops? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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