The Boring Company aims to transport Teslas underground


The Boring Company is Elon Musk’s latest dream, illustrated in the video above. The project is to be led by Steve Davis, a SpaceX engineer and could move cars at 130MPH under major cities. These tunnels could be crisscrossed over each other to avoid congestion and could move you quickly from one major point to the other. This would theoretically ease the congestion of traffic above ground and could be better for the environment. The Boring Company is already in action making preparations to test the idea on private land.

As of February 2017, the company has begun digging a 30 foot wide, 50 foot long, and 15-foot deep “test trench” on the premises of SpaceX’s offices in Los Angeles, since construction on its site requires no permits. According to Musk himself, the company’s goal is to enhance tunneling speed enough such that establishing an underground network of tunnels is financially feasible. –Wikipedia

The Boring Company project has already met with some skepticism with some questioning what problem this actually fixes. One thing is clear, the cost of such a project would probably be very high and even with Musk’s wealth, funding would be needed. Of course, this would mean that cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or wherever else Musk plans on building, would need to be on board.

Musk is already working on Tesla, as well as SpaceX, and comes up with ideas like Hyperloop in his spare time. He claims the project is currently only taking 2-3% of his time so it’s probably not on the high-priority list. It will be interesting to see how much energy and money he throws at The Boring Company and how serious he is about this one. Tesla is probably his top priority but it’s always fun to see him come up with these interesting concepts, even if they don’t get done.

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