Omaze teams up with Mark Hamill and Star Wars for epic prank and giveaway

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Beloved by millions of Star Wars fans, Mark Hamill is the legendary actor behind Luke Skywalker. Mark Hamill is also a multi-faceted and multi-talented actor/voice actor who has a hell of a sense of humor. While Hamill has been in many movies, his voice acting has gotten much attention and praise. For those who don’t know, one of his more popular voice acting gigs has been that of The Joker. Hamill has voiced The Joker in cartoons and video games and it’s probably the best Joker voice you’ll find anywhere. Hamill manages to capture the sadistic, playful, sarcastic demeanor of The Joker and he does it effortlessly.

When he’s not busy being a Jedi or cackling in Batman’s ear, he’s usually out and about meeting with fans and on social media. Now Hamill is teaming up with Star Wars and Omaze to do an amazing giveaway. In the process they decided to pull a fun prank on some Star Wars super fans, you probably already watched the video above. So read the quote below to find out more about the giveaway and be sure to throw your hat in the contest!

Mark Hamill channels Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader to surprise Star Wars fans and announce that he’s offering a BONUS experience: attend a pre-screening of The Last Jedi and get lunch with him in LA! For your chance to win the bonus prize, PLUS three epic Star Wars experiences, ENTER:

Entries benefit Starlight Children’s Foundation and UNICEF on behalf of Star Wars: Force for Change.

Sounds like a great chance to win some cool stuff and to be a Force for Change as well! Let us know if you entered and what you thought of the prank and giveaway. Hit us up in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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