GE in the Wild offers never-before seen look inside GE’s labs

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When most people think of GE, they might not fully realize just exactly what GE does on a daily basis. The company has launched a new video series called GE in the Wild which aims to answer that exact question. The show is hosted by Innovation Nation science correspondent Alie Ward and Mythbusters Adam Savage.

The aim of the series is to showcase exactly what GE does, what it produces, and where we all interact with the company’s creations… out in the wild. Traditionally, “the wild” might mean the great outdoors, the Sahara, the wilderness. But GE’s version of “the wild” is more unexpected. It’s the labs, the testing facilities, the airports and ship ports that keep our world running quickly, efficiently and seamlessly. We might not think of all the ways that GE’s technologies touch our everyday lives. That’s what “GE In The Wild” reminds us of.

While you might think of power, renewable energy, and oil & gas when thinking of GE, the company is also heavily involved in the aviation, healthcare, transportation, capital, and digital industries. The first episode of the series takes viewers into the GE labs where advanced 3-D printing is being used to create jet engine and wind turbine parts, literally out of powder! This process is called Additive Manufacturing, and GE is pioneering this process.

The second episode takes a look at the jet engine manufacturing & testing that takes place at the GE Aviation facility in Peebles, OH.

Check back on GE’s YouTube channel for future episodes being released by GE weekly. What did you think of the first two episodes of GE in the Wild? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


Announcing GE in the Wild: An Original Video Series from General Electric

New series offers a never-before seen look inside GE’s labs and the people working in them

Hosted by Adam Savage and Alie Ward

Fans of Mythbusters, Tested, Top Gear and Sports Science, listen up: GE in the Wild, launching May 1st, is an exciting look inside the development and application of world-changing technologies, including industrial-scale 3D printing, next-generation jet engines and software-enabled cargo shipping.

The original series, developed by the storytellers behind GE Theater and produced by IMG, opens doors to never-before seen advanced manufacturing facilities around the globe, introducing viewers to the people behind the machines and showing how these cutting-edge technologies are at work in our world.

Hosted by Innovation Nation science correspondent Alie Ward and Mythbusters Adam Savage, GE in the Wild travels the country to show the lengths of GE’s innovation across eight different industries. Alie & Adam become your eyes and ears into GE or GE-customer facilities to uncover the ways that advancements in the energy, healthcare and transportation industries are impacting our lives in ways we never realized.

“I’ve always been obsessed with peeking behind the curtain and seeing how things really work, both big and small,” said Savage. “GE gave us unbelievable access to their facilities and to their fantastic people. I could have spent another week at every single location. I also love that we get to tell a story of the ingenuity and innovation across so many different fields.”

Case in point: GE in the Wild’s first episode on additive manufacturing shows industrial-scale, state-of-the-art 3D printing that is making manufacturing faster, more efficient, and more innovative. Complex geometries that were once only possible on napkin drawings rise to life with the push of a button. Even more compelling are the employees working with the machines. X-Men fans will love the names they’ve bestowed upon the machines they interface with daily, and makers everywhere will praise the way one woman used science to create her husband’s wedding band.

Whether it’s going behind-the-scenes at an offshore GE oil and gas facility, or into a massive commercial airline hangar to test run the GE9X engines, GE in the Wild takes us outside of the lab and out to a new location every episode, showing that advanced manufacturing is alive and well – and more exciting than ever.

Linda Boff, CMO of GE, commented “At GE, we’re constantly innovating to make the world better. GE in the Wild pairs information and entertainment to celebrate the amazing work that GE employees and our customers are doing every day.”

GE in the Wild will be available on May 1st on GE’s YouTube page, with new episodes launching each week. Tune in for an inside look at how we build, move, power and cure the world.

GE in the Wild was produced by IMG’s original content team, with Will Staeger and Sarah Napier as executive producers and WME clients Jerry Kolber and Adam Davis of Atomic Entertainment as showrunners.


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