Funko Pop unveils new Destiny figures


Funko Pop seems to make figures for what seems to be just about everything these days. You’ve got Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones, and a bunch of other movies/shows/games I can’t think of off the top of my head. People collect them just as much as they collect fidget spinners. Why? Because you can’t just have one. Well, yesterday Funko Pop announced that they will be bringing some new figures out into this world. Are you guys ready for this, because I am. Funko Pop will be coming out with… wait for it… Destiny figurines and I can’t contain myself on how awesome that is.

There aren’t too many bobbleheads coming out, but hey, they’re still coming out after all this time. Who cares? You’ll have the choice of getting NPCs from Destiny, such as Cayde-6, Ikora, Lord Shaxx, and Zavala, plus on top of that, you can get raid bosses too like Atheon from the Vault of Glass raid, Crota (Crota’s End), and Oryx (King’s Fall). If that doesn’t get you excited enough, then maybe Xur or a glow in the dark Crota will. Of course, there will be specific exclusives because you know, it wouldn’t be a collection without having the entire set. Xur and Atheon will only be available at GameStop and you will only be able to get Crota at Target and its glow in the dark counterpart. There is a one in six chance of you getting a glow in the dark Crota, so good luck with that folks. Launch date is in August this year, but pricing has not been detailed yet. We can probably guess that they’ll be about $10USD each.

I understand that I’m the last person who actually plays Destiny these days, but you guys should know that by now. Otherwise, there would be no “Where is Xur and what is he selling” articles. I’ve been wanting that 16 inch Destiny figure for some time now, but also don’t need to spend $600 on it, so buying these from Funko Pop saves me loads of funds. Plus, they’ll go with the one actual Funko figure I have (Captain America 3 – Iron Man).

What do you guys think about Funko Pop coming out with some Destiny figures just before the Destiny 2 release date? Let us know by dropping your comments down below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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