[DEALS] Get a Zeiss VR ONE plus headset for $25USD off


The Zeiss VR ONE plus headset joins a wide range of other VR headsets on the market trying to win your VR curiosity. Well, our friends over at Wellbots are giving you twenty-five reasons to give the Zeiss VR ONE plus a try. This week’s Wellbots deal sees our readers getting $25USD off the $99.90USD price bringing these VR goggles down to just under $75USD. Read a bit more about the VR ONE plus below and use the coupon code TECHAERIS25 to get your $25USD off at checkout.

Zeiss VR ONE Plus Virtual Reality Headset

Simply slide your phone in, and enjoy the show.

The Zeiss VR One plus is one of the best Virtual Reality Headset product on the market. It is made for everyone: No lens adjustment are necessary for different interpupillary distance and you can even wear your glasses during your experience! Experience a full video immersion at an approachable price.

Zeiss is a manufacturer of camera lenses. They put all their knowledge into this little beauty. It is fully compatible with all Apple and Samsung devices with the universal tray that you can purchase on Wellbots and also compatible with more devices if you want to 3D print it thanks to the basic tray CAD design tool.

DJI and other brands made their products compatible with the Zeiss VR OnePlus! You can be the camera of your drone controlled by the remote controller or… by your head!

Thanks to its lightweight design, the Zeiss VR ONE Plus Virtual Reality Headset is the product you need for videos, games and augmented reality. You just have to put your phone in the virtual reality headset and then enjoy your trip in the virtual world! Hundreds of virtual reality Apps are already available.

Compared to most VR Headsets, the Zeiss VR One Plus is incredibly light. It makes the experience even more immersive, it will not hurt your head or nose.

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