IPv6 infographic: Here is the info you need to know


Internet protocol is a term that many have heard but most have no idea what it means or even represents. There are likely many who know what IP stands for but don’t know what it actually does.

From technical to non-technical there are many people using the internet. Those in the IT & computer industry are aware of what IP standards are and their purpose but many non-techies are just using the internet for doing their day to day tasks without knowing what internet protocol versions are.

From home to business the internet has taken a place not only in urban areas but rural areas as well. With billions of people using the internet around the world, there is a need that everyone should know about IP and its versions. To make people aware of IPv6 Basics and its importance Wavedirect Telecommunications, an internet service provider in rural areas of Ontario, Canada & Texas, USA for home and business needs have come up with an interesting infographic. The infographic is on the topic: IPv6 Basics What You Need To Know?

Do you know what IPv6 is? Why should you use it? What are the benefits of using IPv6 for your business? Is your business still using IPv4 or have you switched to IPv6? Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is a robust numbering system which is a successor of IPv4. Internet Protocol version v6 provides far more IP addresses as compared to IPv4. The Internet has been changing from the time it originated. With the beginning of World IPv6 Launch on 6 June 2012 there are many businesses that have switched to v6 already but yet many have to do it know in order to keep pace with the competitive market. So, explore the infographic below and feel free to share it on social media channels.



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