A new Pokémon mobile game, PokéLand has hit alpha testing in Japan

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While Pokémon is more of a console/handheld game, and always will be there’s always room to stretch outside of the box and go with something new. Take Pokémon GO for instance, it’s a mobile game revolving around Pokémon. The game may still be getting updates every so often and new challenges/rewards for users to get, it can still get pretty old, unfortunately. Then Pokémon Duel came out for Android and iOS and just recently, Pokémon: Magikarp Jump came out for Android and iOS not too long ago.

Now, word on the streets in Japan is that another mobile game dealing with these pocket monsters is coming and it’s currently in the alpha stage. The new game is called PokéLand and it’s based off the old Wii game Pokémon Rumble which pits your one character up against a bunch of other ones and you just smash into them dealing them damage until they faint.


For all of those hoping to see newer generations of Pokémon in the game, it’s not your lucky day because only 134 pocket monsters will be available. It hasn’t been said as to which ones you can see though. It could be the first 134 of the first generation or a mixture of 134 randomly picked Pokémon from any of the seven generations. There will be 52 stages to the game along with a Champion Tower that consists of 15 stages so far. In order to move to newer islands, you’ll have to spend diamonds and no word as to if you’ll have to purchase some or get x amount each day from just playing the game. There is a way to power up each of your Pokémon in the game by using P’s and Gears. And again, you’ve guessed it, no mention on how that will tie into the gameplay until the game is out.


This game is still in alpha testing on Android, and will run until June 9th and then after that, who knows where it’ll go. We may see some beta testers out there and eventually an apk file could surface or it’ll stay pretty locked up in beta so no one can get to it until the game is fully out to the public. Either way, I haven’t played a Pokémon Rumble style game in years so it’d be cool to see it finally coming to a mobile device.

What are your guys thoughts about another Pokémon game for mobile handsets? Let us know by leaving your comments down below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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