Arsenal crushes Kickstarter goal, adds new features to the package


Arsenal is a Kickstarter we covered a few weeks ago and it has absolutely crushed its Kickstarter goal of $50,000USD. The project has gone well over that Kickstarter Goal and has crossed the $1,000,000USD funding line. With 13 days to go in the campaign, I suspect that Arsenal will climb well near if not over $1,250,000USD in funding. Now, since the company has surpassed that Kickstarter goal, they are adding new functionality and features to the package. Read the full press release, sent to us by Arsenal, that details the full scope of the added features.


Arsenal, the AI-powered camera hardware on Kickstarter, tops $1 million, adds new features

BOZEMAN, MT—June 8, 2017— Halfway into a thirty-day campaign, Arsenal reaches its second stretch goal, set at $1 million. By reaching both stretch goals, four new features have been unlocked. The Arsenal team also added support for seven additional cameras since the start of the campaign. The new features are explained below.

  • Live Histogram- See a live histogram from your camera in the Arsenal app. This will make it easy to check the exposure levels without messing with camera menus.
  • Night Focus- Arsenal will take test shots at different focal positions, calculate the correct focus, and then set the lens for you. For long exposures in low light, this process could take up to three minutes, but for night photographers, it will be worth it to get the perfect focus even in completely dark conditions.
  • Remove Video Control- This will allow you to start and stop your camera’s video recording from the app.
  • Remote Video Playback- After a video is recorded, this feature will allow you to playback the video on your phone.

The newly supported cameras are the Sony a77, a77ii, a99, a99ii, the Nikon d500, D3000, and the Canon 760D.

The Arsenal team also released a stunning timelapse video that was shot using Arsenal, during its various stages of development.

Check out the Arsenal Kickstarter page at the link below to support the project.

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