Vivo may beat Apple to market with the first on-screen fingerprint scanner

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The placement of the fingerprint scanner on the new Samsung Galaxy S8 was the cause of much debate. Many users and reviewers alike did not like the odd placement next to the rear camera. It was later revealed that Samsung intended to place the fingerprint scanner on the front glass but couldn’t get the tech to work before release. This caused the company to make a last minute choice to place it where it currently is.

Rumor is Apple is also working on placing the fingerprint scanner on the front glass of the iPhone. Initial reports said Apple was having issues with the tech as well and later reports have said they worked it out. Now we’re hearing that Chinese budget phone maker Vivo may actually beat Apple to the market with an on-screen scanner, though I don’t imagine they pose any sales threat to Apple. The video below shows off Vivo’s fingerprint scanner technology and it does look really great.

It’s highly unlikely this phone will make it to the U.S. market but it is a bit of a bragging right for Vivo. If the phone does make it to market before the new iPhone, they can say they beat the likes of Apple and were first with the tech. As mentioned before, Samsung was working hard to be the first in the U.S. with the Galaxy S8 but ran out of time and couldn’t get the tech in working order.

It will be interesting to see what Apple’s solution looks like when the new iPhone is announced. It will also be interesting to see if they claim to be the world’s first smartphone with on-screen fingerprint reading capabilities. Which, if the Vivo doesn’t make it out first, wouldn’t actually be an untruth. We’ll see how it all unfolds in the coming months.

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