HYPERICE HYPERSPHERE review: A great localized massage solution

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TA-ratings-90The fitness lifestyle has birthed many new products that help those with a fitness lifestyle achieve their goals easier. The HYPERICE HYPERSPHERE is one of those products that is a tool for the fitness crowd to maintain that lifestyle. While the HYPERSPHERE is marketed toward that lifestyle, it also has a very real use for those who may need physical therapy or suffer from chronic pain. Read on for our review of the HYPERICE HYPERSPHERE and see how it worked for someone with chronic back pain.

*It is important to note that you should consult a physician before using any sort of massage therapy and using any such product is done at your own risk.


The HYPERICE HYPERSPHERE has the following features and specifications:

  • Digital circuitry controls with 3 speeds setting
  • High-intensity vibrating core transfers maximum vibration to the body
  • Compact and portable, easy for travel and carry.
  • Textured rubber exterior targets vibration for more localized therapy
  • Rechargeable lithium ion batteries give over 2 hours of use per charge
  • HYPERSPHERE AC charger included

What’s In The Box

  • AC adapter
  • Users manual
Simple design, one button.


The design of the sphere is as basic as it gets and that is pretty much a great thing. There is one power/settings selector button in the center and some LED lights to indicate power levels. The rest of the ball is a nice heavy duty construction from very nice premium materials. HYPERICE says the texturized rubber on the outside “targets vibration for a more localized therapy.” The green and black color scheme (also available in all black) is very sleek and sporty looking, giving it an aggressive look. The ball is fairly heavy for its size but remember, there are a battery and motors inside. Overall this is a very nice looking massage ball and very well built.

Ease of Use

I’ve reviewed the HYPERICE VENOM in the past and it’s been a great tool in fighting my chronic back pain. So when HYPERICE contacted me to offer up the HYPERSPHERE for review, I wanted to check it out. Unlike the VENOM, the SPHERE promised to deliver a localized therapy treatment and I found that appealing. The VENOM has done a good job for me but there are times my back pain is just out of reach of its massage points. With the SPHERE I am able to move it to where I need it and apply pressure where it feels best.

Before I move on, using the device is easy. There is just one button that acts as the power and level selector. Just power the SPHERE up and select between levels 1-3 and then place the SPHERE where you would like the massage therapy applied.

HYPERICE gives you many suggestions in the included users manual on how to use the SPHERE. People who work out and exercise a lot or who play sports will probably make use of the SPHERE a lot and it can be used for a variety of muscles. For my use, I concentrated on my back, lower, mid, and upper. I found that being able to get massage therapy to the affected area quickly and having the ability to regulate the pressure was very helpful in mitigating the pain.

It is important to note that the SPHERE isn’t a cure-all. There were times that my back just refused to cooperate and the pain persisted. Our bodies don’t always react to therapy the way we’d like them to but I found the SPHERE really helped my situation most of the time. Overall this device is very simple to use and effective to a point.

Battery life is the only improvement I would suggest.

Battery Life

HYPERICE says the battery will last 2 hours at level 3. I didn’t test this for a continuous two hours but was able to use the sphere multiple times in 15-20 minute increments around level 2 before having to recharge. I do think battery life could be improved though, a 2 hour run time is less than ideal, especially if one ball may be shared between multiple people. It would be nice to see a 4-hour battery life at level 3.


The HYPERSPHERE is a little pricey at $149USD but it does its job well and many users may find that invaluable.

Wrap Up

This device is built for the fitness crowd and it probably does very well in that arena. Being someone with chronic back pain, I think the HYPERSPHERE is also a great physical therapy tool for me. This device could also potentially help others with other chronic muscle pains but you should always consult your doctor before using these devices.

*We were sent a sample of the HYPERICE HYPERSPHERE for the purposes of this review.

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