Arozzi Mezzo review: A comfortable, stylish gaming chair for extended sessions

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There are a number of companies that manufacture gaming chairs, and Arozzi is one of them. They offer a number of different styles designed in Sweden at different price points and our Arozzi Mezzo review takes a look at one of their more elegant ergonomic options and sees how it stands up to extended gaming sessions.

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The Arozzi Mezzo gaming chair has the following features and specifications:

  • Backrest tilt up to 180º
  • Chair tilt up to 12°
  • Armrest height adjustment
  • Gas spring lift
  • Adjustable seat height: 17.9-20.6″ (45.5-52.5 cm)
  • Chair height: 53.7-56.5″ (136.5-143.5 cm)
  • Seat inner width: 13.7″ (35 cm)
  • Seat depth: 21.2″ (54 cm)
  • Backrest height: 35.8″ (91 cm)
  • Weight capacity: 290 lbs (130 kg)
  • Net weight: 50.7 lbs (23 kg)
  • Box dimensions: 33.8 x 27.1 x 13.7″ (86 x 69 x 35 cm)
  • Gas lift: Class-4

What’s in the box

  • Arozzi Mezzo Gaming Chair
    • Backrest
    • Seat
    • Mechanism
    • Five Star Base
    • 2x Recliner covers
    • 5x wheels
    • Gas Spring
    • Gas Spring Cover
    • 4x 8×20 Hexagonal Socket Bolts
    • 4x 8×25 Hexagonal Socket Bolts
    • L-Shape Wrench
    • Headrest
    • Lumbar cushion


Fully assembled Arozzi Mezzo gaming chair.

The Arozzi Mezzo features an ergonomic design with adjustable headrest and lumbar support, height adjustable armrests, locking multi-function tilt, and a light-weight frame. Once assembled, the chair itself slightly resembles a racing chair with nice lines and colour accents. The seat itself is very comfortable with its soft, pliable pleather wrapped high-density foam padding. The edges of the seat flare up and out and provide a nice stable area for you to plant your butt.

The backrest of the chair features the same soft pleather and high-density foam padding, with the same flared out edges. Near the top of the chair, just below where the detachable headrest sits, are a couple of cutouts that resemble the seatbelt cutouts in a racing seat. Through these cutouts are where the straps for the adjustable lumbar support go, with the other end sliding between the seat and the base of the backrest. This setup allows the lumbar support to be easily adjusted up and down. The headrest, on the other hand, simply slides over the top of the backrest. The Arozzi logo is embroidered into the pleather at the top of the backrest.

Both the headrest and lumbar support are rectangular in shape with the lumbar support being longer and more rounded while the headrest is curved in on all four sides and resembles more of a small pillow. The lumbar support has two sets of black elastic bands attached to the top and the bottom with simple black clips that snap together to hold it in place.

The lumbar support can be slid up and down the backrest for optimal placement.

The headrest has a single black elastic band that goes from each side of it and, as mentioned previously, easily slides over the top of the backrest. Like the backrest, the Arozzi logo is embroidered onto the front of the headrest.

The headrest simply slides over the top of the backrest.

The base of the chair is solid, with a standard five star base with five wheels, a gas spring lift, and a mechanism with two levers on the right hand side. The first lever adjusts the height of the chair between 17.9″ and 20.7″ (45.5-52.5cm), while the second lever adjusts the tilt of the back of the chair from between roughly 75º (15º forward) and 180º (almost straight flat). There is also a knob centered under the seat which allows you to adjust the resistance in the tilt of the seat of the chair as well.

The backrest almost fully reclines, offering a number of angles for optimal comfort (or nap times).

The arms of the chair are attached to the bottom of the seat and are adjustable so you can select the perfect height of the armrests for optimal comfort. The armrests adjust between 10.6″ and 13.4″ (27-34cm) in height.

Overall, the chair is pretty comfortable and with the various adjustment options, it’s pretty easy to get it configured the way you like. As far as construction goes, the Mezzo is well constructed with solid stitching and even after a few months of use is holding up as if it was new.

Our review sample came in black and orange, but the chair is also available with blue, green, black, red, white, or yellow accents to suit your style and taste. The colour accents are nicely done with the majority of the chair being black with coloured piping around the edges and well-placed stripes up the seat and back of the chair with an extra splash of colour on the headrest.

When used, the straps for the lumbar support feed through the cutouts near the top of the backrest.


The Arozzi Mezzo came with very easy to follow instructions and took about 30 minutes to assemble. The chair even came with a set of white gloves — a nice touch for sure — to use during the assembly process. In all, there are eight steps to set up the chair and the only issue I had was snapping the recliner covers onto the chair seat and backrest. I found that I had to really bang the upper snap on both sides rather hard with the palm of my hand a few times in order to get it to click into place.

Another heads up during the assembly process is to be careful handling the mechanism assembly as it is quite greasy between the plates and if you’re not careful, it can be easy to get some on your hands and then transfer it to other parts of the chair.

Ease of Use

Once assembled, the chair is definitely easy to use. As mentioned before, there are four main areas of adjustment — height, backrest, seat tilt resistance, and armrest height. Once you’ve set these to your liking, the only one you might adjust once in awhile is the backrest angle. The back of the chair does tilt all the way down to 180º so there is quite the range to get that perfect angle for your gaming — or working — sessions.

The lever for adjusting the backrest angle.


The Arozzi Mezzo is definitely comfortable, and I tended to use it mostly without the lumbar support but with the headrest support. The reasoning for this is that I found the lumbar support too bulky and stiff, and think it should be not quite as high to be comfortable for longer use. That’s not to say I didn’t use it, but I found when using it, I was forced to sit more straight up and slightly forward which I just personally find less comfortable.

As previously mentioned though, the lumbar support and headrest are removable and adjustable, so there’s no issue in setting the Mezzo up to suit your comfort needs. Regardless of setup, I found the chair comfortable even after sitting in it for hours on end while gaming and/or working.


With an MSRP of $329USD, the Arozzi Mezzo isn’t the cheapest gaming chair out there, but it’s far from the most expensive. Given the comfort, ease of assembly, materials used, construction, and adjustability, the Mezzo is definitely fairly priced for what you get — especially if you’re someone who sits a lot for gaming and/or working.


The Arozzi Mezzo is a fairly affordable, stylish gaming chair which is well constructed and is adjustable for optimal comfort for extended gaming or work sessions.

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Last Updated on August 28, 2021.


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