Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch planned for August

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In typical Samsung fashion, the company is planning on launching the Galaxy Note 8 ahead of Apple’s latest iPhone. Apple’s iPhone events have become less and less of a media event as in years past but Samsung still likes to get out of the gate first. Last year’s Galaxy Note7 debacle was partially blamed on Samsung’s push to get its device out ahead of the competition. Many in the industry thought the Note7 fail may have been the end of the Note name and a real problem for Samsung. The company has proven to be resilient and the success of the Galaxy S8 has brought a second wind to the brand.

The S series and Note series of phones have been Samsung’s bread and butter for a number of years now. You can probably expect much of what the S8 offers in the Galaxy Note 8 but with a larger screen and the famed S-Pen. Reuters claims they have spoken to “a person familiar with the matter” concerning the August launch of the phone but no real details of the phone were given.

The person, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter and so declined to be identified, said the Galaxy Note 8 will sport a curved screen that is marginally larger than the 6.2-inch version of the Galaxy S8 smartphone and feature two rear cameras. The Note 7 was equipped with a 5.7-inch curved screen and one rear camera. The person did not elaborate further on the phone including pricing. A Samsung Electronics spokesman declined to comment.

It should be interesting to see how well the new Note does in the market. Will consumers forget the Note7 problems and embrace the new phone? Given the positive acceptance of the S8 it is very possible Samsung has quickly overcome the Note7 shadow.

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Last Updated on August 24, 2017.


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