Nintendo releasing SNES Classic to fill the void of the NES Classic we couldn’t buy


The NES Classic Edition came out about half a year ago and it’s been sold out (discontinued) for quite some time now, so there’s really no way of getting your hands on one unless you purchase the gaming system from Amazon or eBay. Then, of course, you’ll be forking out more funds than you really want to just for 30 games and MODS that can be added to it. That’s your own decision so I’ll let you be on that. So, some good news out there today is that Nintendo will be manufacturing an SNES Classic Edition with a never before released game.

Inside the SNES Classic, you’ll get 21 games, lower than the 30 the NES had) but the games included are some of Nintendo’s best at the time of being released and possibly to date. Some of the fan favorites are The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Yoshi Island, Final Fantasy III, Earthbound, and more. As for the never before released game, it comes from the Star Fox series, Star Fox 2.


The SNES Classic will launch on September 29th this year for $80, so when the time comes get ready to hit up your local stores to see if they have stock available (and get there early if you want any chance of getting your hands on one).

Will this be enough to make up for the limited amount of NES Classics that people were trying to get for the longest time? Probably not, because Nintendo may or may not have made a limited amount of these units too. Knowing the company, they’ll tell us about a week before being discontinued that they only made a certain amount and some folks may express themselves more than they need to. So, do you guys plan on trying to get the SNES Classic or will you just let this one go? Let us know by telling us in the comment section below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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