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So, the computer no longer supports the games you want to play? Or, is your computer functioning slower than before? Whatever your reasons to upgrade to a better hardware may be, there are primarily three things you can upgrade on a computer and they are the hard drive, the RAM memory, and the video/sound/graphics cards.

1. Upgrade your computer’s RAM

First and foremost, when upgrading the computer´s RAM, you need to identify the type of RAM used by your device. Then, you can proceed to purchase the RAM. If your computer runs on multiple RAM memory modules, you will need to ensure that the RAM you acquire is of the same size to the previous models. It is not possible for you to use a 4GB RAM module with a 6 GB RAM module. So, why should you consider upgrading the computer´s RAM?

If your computer is relatively slower than before especially when running multiple programs, upgrading your RAM will solve your problems. Greater RAM means that the computer won´t have to rely on the hard drive for memory and with more memory, you will be able to operate more programs and software simultaneously. When your computer has a memory upgrade, you will also witness a noticeable difference in the browsing speed; you can also have access to flash content in a flash.

2. Upgrade your computer’s hard drive

Before acquiring a hard drive, you need to identify what models are compatible with your computer and laptops. The hard drive will not fit in laptops if it isn’t of the right size. However, you need to backup your computer’s hard drive to the new one before starting the installation process as doing so prevents you from installing your software and applications all over again. When you upgrade your hard drive, you will have more space and room to save your data, games, and documents.

Upgrading your hard drive may also be necessary and a requirement when you need to perform a system update, a software update, or simply run a new operating system. Hard drives, like every device and product around us, also tend to become less effective and reliable over time. Therefore, if you have used your hard drive for a long period of time and don’t want it to stop functioning suddenly, thus, putting your valuable information at risk, you should consider upgrading the computer’s hard drive.

3. Upgrade your computer’s graphics card

A graphic card basically renders processed data into video signal before sending it to the output or to your display. Hence, if you are an avid PC gamer, you will need to upgrade your graphics cards frequently in order to enjoy a wonderful gaming experience. So, when will you need to upgrade your graphics card? Well, when you can no longer find a balance between frame rate and fidelity and can’t get over 30FPS despite making a valiant effort, that´s when you need to consider splurging on a graphic card. Most of the high-rated games available on the PC today are hardware-punishing games. Therefore, the graphics card of your computer will need to be upgraded accordingly.

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Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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